Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: Bethany Lockhart, 1, of Terara enjoys the autumn leaves in Berry. Photo: Alycia Targa. Submit entries via nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: Bethany Lockhart, 1, of Terara enjoys the autumn leaves in Berry. Photo: Alycia Targa. Submit entries via nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Surplus and deficit

Dear J. MacLeod, I need to respond to your inaccurate letter in the South Coast Register dated June 14.

Fact: When John Howard took office he inherited a deficit from the Labor Party of $14 billion dollars and a net debt of $83 billion.

Fact: in 2007 when Kevin Rudd took office he inherited a surplus of $17 billion and net assets of $29 billion.

Fact: When Tony Abbott took office in 2013 he inherited a deficit of $19 billion and a net debt of $153 billion.

Fact: in 2007 Kevin Rudd unveiled an emissions trading scheme (a carbon tax just by a different name) in 2009 when he tried to introduce this scheme it was rejected by the Greens because they wanted more.

Julia Gillard was Prime Minister from 2010 - 2013 so between 2007 and 2013 Labor managed to take a great  surplus of $17 billion and net assets of $29 billion and turn it into one great big deficit of $19 billion and net debt of $153 billion.

J. McLeod, facts don't lie so maybe you should take of those rose coloured glasses.

Labor has always led this country into debt and it’s taken the Liberals to save us and give us a surplus. 

Only under the Liberal party do we have an economic and stable country.

L. Price, St Georges Basin

Clarity at last

Sitting in front of Councillor Gash on Thursday evening at the information forum for the proposed development in Anson Street, St george Basin, one of the speakers touched on the police station much promised by the Member for South Coast.

While the speaker was on this subject, Cr Gash uttered, “It will be built within the next 12 months.”

Great to know those in the Bay and Basin now has some definite clarification on this matter.

P. Hawkins, Sanctuary Point

Labor backs TAFE

Following on from National TAFE Day, Labor has a clear message for students, teachers and our community – we back our public TAFE training system and our local TAFE campuses. TAFE is too good to lose.

That’s why Labor has already committed to guaranteeing at least two thirds of public vocational education funding for TAFE. The Liberal government should do the same and stop its TAFE privatisation agenda. 

A Shorten Labor government will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s $637 million TAFE cuts announced in the recent federal budget; invest in a new $100 million Building TAFE for the Future Fund to re-estanlish TAFE facilities in regional communities wher they are needed most, in areas like ours with high youth unemployment. 

We know that pre-apprenticeships have been axed from our local TAFE campuses in Gilmore. A Shorten Labor government will invest in pre-apprenticeship programs – preparing up to 10,000 young jobseekers to start an apprenticeship. Labor will also estabish an Advanced Entry Adult Apprenticeship program – to fast-track apprenticeships for up to 20,000 people facing redudancy or whose jobs have been lost.

A Shorten Labor government will also set a target of one in 10 apprentices employed on all Commonwealth priority projects and major Government Business Enterprise projects.

This will reverse the decline in TAFE and apprenticeship programs. Only Labor will provide more opportunity for locals to gain the skills they need to get a job.

F. Phillips, Labor candidate for Gilmore

Role for government

For this country to progress and survive it is essential the government invests in education, health care, clean energy and infrastructure for the needs of the people.

This is not happening. Governments are pouring billions of taxpayers’ dollars into infrastructure projects not for our benefit but the benefit of corporations and investors.

J. Macleod, Berry