Sports notes

Lawn Bowls

Nowra Men

Wednesday’s Jackpot Triples 14th June: Winners on the day G Price-I Woodgate-K Larsen, Runners up B Pritchard-T Edwards-K McMillan. Jackpot $1200 Not won by T Houldsworth-R Musgrove-L Williams. Game results G Price-I Woodgate-K Larsen beat T Houldsworth-R Musgrove-L Williams 21/15. A Bradley-C Edwards-R Coulthart beat G Chittick-M Campbell-R O’Grady 21/15. B Pritchard-T Edwards-K McMillan beat B McMahon-D Platt-N Mackenzie 24/14.

Friday’s Jackpot Pairs 16th June: Winner on the day R Coulthart who was playing his minor singles match. Runners up I Jorgenson-B Jorgenson. Jackpot $1200 Not won by D Goodsell-B Hollands. Game results G Chittick-J Ireland-B Rosen triples match beat B McMahon-C Browne-D Platt 33/11. F Larter-R Marquis beat B Pritchard-T Wright 21/18. D Goodsell-B Hollands beat K McMillan-P Hewat 22/16. T Cake-W Toohey beat D Draper-J Pearman 28/13. I Woodgate-C Cattell beat D Potter-T Gray 23/22. I Jorgenson-B Jorgenson beat K Larsen-R Anning 23/16

Club Minor Singles: Round 1 P Hewat defeated S Ferchow 31/26 R Coulthart defeated A Scardifield 31/12. I Woodgate won on a forfeit from S Christison. D Draper defeated G Maude 31/19. Round 2 D Draper versus I Woodgate R Coulthart versus P Hewat. M Campbell versus L Norman. M Legge versus C Browne.

Berry Men

Mark Power is the Club Major Singles Champion for 2017. Mark commenced the match with very consistent scoring and at end 20 had what appeared to be a certain winning margin over the 2016 Champion David Badger but from that point David started to find his form and at the conclusion of the match which lasted 32 ends had forced the score to 21 to 31. This is Mark Power's sixth Club Major Singles Championship win which puts him equal with Daryl Atkins.

Two matches of the Club's Major Pairs were played Saturday 17th June. Adam Rigney and David Badger defeated Terry Bezant and Mark Power 25 to 20 and Nathan Bezant and Peter Delamont had a 25 to 14 victory over David Lambert and Col Good./

In social play the triples match of note saw Keith Davidson, Rob Folkard and Phil Chittick in a winning position at end nine but from that point Harry Harrop, Derek Raymond and Peter Webb regrouped and when on to take the match by two shots. Hard fought pairs matches saw David Lambert and Col Good fail to score over the final three ends but held on to take the match by one shot from Bob Dunn and Terry Hayes. In another match played with three bowls per player over 26 ends Barry Dunn and Nick Nicholls outlasted Peter Haddon and Laurie Watson.  

Culburra Women

A full and busy week for our lady bowlers.  The first round of our Club 4s’ Championship was played last Tuesday, with eight teams entering. Results were – Gail Scott, June Jones, Elaine Parkinson and Ruth Joannou over Maree Guilfoyle, Lynne McKee, Joy Hanneman and Marea Challender, Robyn Herbert, Sandra Annetts, Kim Rudd and Judy Watson over Anne Dwyer, Eliza Gunn, Lorraine Epple and Jean Eagleton, Eileen Hunter, Carol Turton, Anne McCauley and Nancye Carre over Elaine Turner, Betty Oldfield, Annette Barry and Thelma Cooley, and Marilyn O’Day, Trish Bailey, Helen Neilsen and Kristi Buckley over Carol Blackshaw, Robin Bryan, Lin Hulbert and Jenny Castellan.

Our Social ladies also enjoyed a game of pairs, with Nancy Hibbert and Dawn Neville having a win over Margaret Gilchrist and Ruby Salmon.

The semi-final for the Club 4s’ was played on Thursday, with all teams playing lovely bowls. Congratulations to Marilyn O’Day, Trish Bailey, Helen Neilsen and Kristi Buckley with a win over Gail Scott, June Jones, Elaine Parkinson and Ruth Joannou, and Eileen Hunter, Carol Turton, Anne McCauley and Nancy Carre over Robyn Herbert, Sandra Annetts, Kim Rudd and Judy Watson.  Good luck to both teams in the final – should be a great game.

Social results for Thursday were Edna Baxter, Margaret Gilchrist and Carol Blackshaw getting up by one over Anne Dwyer, Jenny Anderson and Ruby Salmon.

Gerringong held their Oceanview Triples last week, with five teams from Culburra enjoying a great day of bowls under glorious sunny conditions. Well done to Gail Scott, Sandra Annetts and Nancye Carre for taking out the AM prize. Thank you to the ladies from Gerringong for a lovely day.


In the first round Jan Salway from Bomaderry defeated Anne Raphael from Huskisson 25/11.Second Round Jan Salway defeated Meg McClure from St Georges Basin 25/17.Third Round Jan Salway defeated Heather Hart from Huskisson 25/18.In the Quarter Final Jan Salway defeated Marilyn O’Day from Culburra 25/9 in the Semi Final Jan Salway and Gail Kiggins from Greenwell Point had a great game,nearly every end the score changed keeping the spectators entertained.

The score was lock in on the second last end 24 all, then Jan Salway won 25/24. In the Final Jan Salway had a good game against Diana Davison from Bomaderry with Jan Salway pushing ahead to win the game 25/15.,Marker was Nowra’s President Carol Hollands.

After the game Nowra ladies put on an afternoon tea for the players and District with Acting District President Ann Brandley, District Vic President Barbara Young,District Publicity Suzanne Stevenson and Bomaderry President Rae Martin. Acting District President Ann Brandley presented Jan with her District Singles Badge 2017 and Medallion.

Callala Women

The final of the Pairs Championship was played in mild, sunny conditions on Saturday, June 17, between  Petra Ford, Tracey Semevente and Sam Bowerman and Lyn Byrne.  Petra and Tracey took the early lead, even though Sam and Lyn were holding shots, team Semevente managed to draw in to win the ends.    Congratulations to Petra and Tracey for winning back to back Pairs Championships. 

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men

The cold and overcast days resulted in uncomfortable bowls although all round 1 matches of the Club Major Pairs were completed. On Wednesday two matches of the Major Pairs were decided along with two Social games of Triples and two of Social Pairs. On Saturday, five matches of the Major Pairs were completed as well as two games of Mixed Social Pairs.

Wednesday 14th June, was a cold, clear day with very little breeze. The greens were running at a medium speed. Rink 1 witnessed the first game of Social Triples with Rob Ray, Tommy Smith and John Edwards playing some wonderful bowls to emerge winners by 32 shots to 11. On Rink 2 Paul Takac, Joe Wright and Graham Mills got away to an unbeatable start to outlast their opponents by 29 to 18 shots. Rink 3 held the first game of the Social Pairs with Ken Taket and Alessandro Lattanzio overcoming a fast finishing opposition to finally get home by 27 shots to 19. Rink 4 was a very tight game with neither team giving an inch. Bert Madge and John Black finally triumphed by 18 to 15 shots. Rink 6 In the first match of this year’s Club Major Pairs Championship, Gary Way and Joe Meljak played superb bowls to outclass Greg Morphett and Josh Ward in all areas and win by 25 shots to 10. Rink 7 saw the other Major Pairs match and was a completely different story. Ray Solway and Eddy Lee put up a magnificent fight before succumbing to John O’Dell and Harry Pearce, 20 to 16, in a nail biter. Draw results: 1st Prize Rink 6 Gary Way and Joe Meljak, 2nd Prize Rink 7 John O’Dell and Harry Pearce, 3rd Prize Rink 2 Paul Takac, Joe Wright and Graham Mills. First Spin Rink 7 John O’Dell and Harry Pearce. Not won.          

Saturday 17th June, was an overcast and chilling afternoon, with slow paced greens. Rink 2 held the first match of the Club Major Pairs Championship for the day. Steve Hollington and Ian Abberley showed their incredible skills by overcoming Garry Thurston and Dooley Gould by 22 to 14 shots. On Rink 3, John Newbold and our new Singles Champion, Tim McCormack paired together to display formidable class to overcome Graham Mills and Peter Smith by 24 shots to 15. Rink 4 saw Peter Shield and Alessandro Lattanzio play superlative bowls to outplay Tom Smith and Ken Taket their by 20 to 13. Rink 5 Consistently accurate bowling resulted in Mick Edwards and John Edwards trouncing Dave Solomon and Gary Tearle by 35 to 9 shots. In the final match of the first round of the Major Pairs, Rink 6 witnessed some magnificent bowling on the part of Darryl Goodger and Bert Madge to decimate John O’Dell and Harry Pearce by the score of 24 shots to 14. Rink 9 held the first game of Mixed Social Pairs with Pat Black and Eddy Lee coming away with a win by 23 to 15 shots. Rink 10 resulted in Greg Morphett and Norma Yee having to play consistently accurate bowls to win by 24 shots top 19. Draw Results: 1st Prize Rink 10 Greg Morphett and Norma Yee, 2nd Prize Rink 5 Mick Edwards and John Edwards, 3rd Prize Rink 6 Darryl Goodger and Bert Madge. Players Draw Gary Way.

What’s On: Wednesday 21st June. Social Bowls with registrations by 12.30 pm. Second round of the Club Major Pairs Championship. Club Uniform required. Saturday 24th June. Mixed Social Bowls with registrations by 12.30 pm. Second round matches of the Club Major Pairs Championship. Club Uniform required.  Sunday 25th June the Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemens Club AGM. 

Worrigee Wanderers

Sunday 18th June 2017 saw 32 intrepid travellers venture the Sussex Inlet Bowls Club. Both greens were full of local and Wanderers members. It was a chilly start to the day but the clouds cleared and the wind dropped to end up a perfect morning for bowls. Some very skilled play was observed and all players enjoyed the competition. 

Callala Men

The final of the Triples was played on Saturday, June 17, in mild winter conditions.  The winner this year was the team of Paul Mitchell, Craig Taylor and Greg McMillan after narrowly defeating Garry Manning, Col Neighbour and Barry Schey, 22-19.  A first round game in the Pairs was also played.  Pat Brown and Phill Bowerman hung on to win 21–19 against Terry Castle and Chris Harbrow.


Shoalhaven Netball Association

Round 9 results, 17th June 2017.

9/10 A  ST Westpac 22 d NNB Lake David Holiday Accommodation 0, JB Wildginger Bluebottles 20 d NNB Coast Allied Health 0, REB Rascals Bye. 9/10 B  REB Ratbags 5 d ST Coast Site Rentals 0, ALB Callala Cellars Meerkats 6 d REB Rugrats 0, JB RAMS Home Loans Clams 2 all draw with ALB Fantastic Furniture Cubs. 11/12 A  ALB Fantastic Furniture Tigers 61 d ST Husky Bakery 3, NNB Beds ‘R’ US 42 d NNB Kangaroo Valley Kayaks 14, JB Bonsai at the Bay Waves Bye. 11/12 B Major Bye. 13/14 A NNB Bomaderry  Sheetmetal 46 d ALB Greenwell Point Bowling Club Minx 14, JB Elk & Willow Stingrays 19 d LB Centre Butcher Ravens 12,  ALB Son-Line Concrete Pumping Cool Cats 30 d JB Bonsai at the Bay Swordfish 20. 13/14 B ST Nowra Scrap Metal 48 d ST G Force Charges 19, LB Logo Shack Sea Eagles 62 d JB Bay & Basin Animal Hospital Penguins 20, NNB The Athlete’s Foot Bye. 15/17 A  LB Kohli’s Hawks 49 d NNB Shoalwelding 39, NNB Budget Curtains 48 d JB Steve Purse Automotives Dolphins 42. 15/17 B JB Bay & Basin Animal Hospital Kingfish 36 d NNB A C Lawyers 27, JB Shoalhaven Gas Crayfish 37 d ST Bishops Produce 10, ST Wrights Chainsaws 44 d LB Nowra Mazda Fantails 27.

Seniors: Division 1 LB Locksmiths & Security 55 d JB Wildginger Sharks 33, LB Integrity Real Estate 39 d JB Hunt Removals Barracudas 34, NNB North Nowra Tavern Forfiet win d SNA 15’s forfeited. Division 2 ALB Jaguars 44 d LB Shelley Hancock MP 33, ST Eliza’s Lighting 33 all draw with REB Ragers,  NNB South Coast Security 72 d GEMS Choices Flooring 31, ALB Panthers Bye. Division 3 ALB Pumas 38 d NB Adanes Furniture 21, ST Westpac Nowra 43 d JB On The Bay Maintenance Dugongs 18, JB Optimum Automotive & Towing Seagulls 38 d JB Walsh’s Plant Maintenance Breakers 34, ALB Cheetahs 55 d ALB Leopards 35. Division 4 ALB Cougars 39 d GEMS South East Radiology 17, LB Luscious Body Beautiful 40 d ST Kit @ Urban Hairdressing 36, REB Ravens Bye. Division 5 ST Nowra Bowling & Recreation  Club Forfeit win d JB 13 Crowns Custom Tattoos Forfeited, GEMS The TAV 45 d LB Bomaderry Bowling Club 43.


Shoalhaven Darts Association


Falcon’s defeated Zebras 9 games to 4 Pete Smith was best for Falcons with 9 finishes and Matt Goozeff had the highest score of 140, best for Zebras was Ray Cattermole with 6 finishes and Peter Coggins had the highest score of 156.

Squirrels defeated Kiwis 8 games to 3 best for Squirrels was Danny Watson and Pat Duke both with 7 finishes each and both players shared the highest score of 140, best layer for Kiwis was Kelly Hogan and Peter Vider both with 4 finishes each and Peter had the highest score 140.

Hippos defeated Ravens 7 games to 6 best for Hippos was Georgie Hansen with 8 finishes and Bradley Moulds had the highest score of 140, bet for Ravens was Lucas Gray with 6 finishes and Lucas also had the highest score of 140.

Galahs defeated Wombats 7 games to 6 best for Galahs was ken O’Neill with 7 finishes and Ken also threw the highest score of 140 for his team, best for Wombats was Peter Wood with 10 finishes and shared the highest score of 140 with team mate Justin Ganderton.

Emus defeated Cougars 7 games to 6 best for Emus was Kay Dowell with 7 finishes and the highest score of 140, best for Cougars was ken Kelleher and Matt Craig with 5 finishes each and Ken had the highest score of 140.

Nowra Darts

Results Division One Final

Husky Defeated Mohawks 6-5. This was a great game that went down to the wire. Both teams won a triples game with Husky taking a narrow 3 - 2 lead after the pairs. The singles were shared three games each which gave Husky the win and a spot in next weeks Grand final. Kaylene Hackett had an awesome game for Husky with four finishes, 115, 120 and the ultimate high score of 180. Well done Kaylene. Georgie Hansen also played well with four finishes, 4 x 100 and 123. Peter Vider had two finishes, 3 x 100 and 125. Ian Green led the way for Mohawks with four finishes, 100, 120 and 140. Pat Duke and Matt Goozeff had three finishes each with Pat also having high scores of 2 x 100, 121, 125, 132 and 2 x 140. Stacey Flentjar had one finish and 105. Commiserations Mohawks.

Cherokees Defeated Phoenix 7-2. Both teams won a triples game, however, Cherokees took a handy 4 games to 1 lead after the pairs winning all three of the doubles. Phoenix chose not to play out the games when Cherokees reached a 6 - 2 lead in the singles. Kay Dowell had a great game for Cherokees with five finishes, 100 and 132. Bim Stewart had three finishes, 2 x 100 and a great 118 peg. Danny Watson and Denis Boon had three finishes each for Phoenix and Danny and Tracy Lymbery top scored with 140. Jodie Armstrong had one finish. Commiserations to Phoenix.

Grand final venue is the Bomaderry R.S.L. Division One: Pirates V Husky on Boards 5 and 6. Division Two: Camels V Cherokees on Boards 2 and 3. Good luck to all teams and good darting.