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PIC OF THE DAY: Sunday at Paradise Beach in Sanctuary Point by Dannie and Matt Connolly Photography. Submit entries via nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Sunday at Paradise Beach in Sanctuary Point by Dannie and Matt Connolly Photography. Submit entries via nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Cuts won’t create jobs

Penalty rates are important for our low income wage earners.

They are also important for the many young people who rely on penalty rates when working casually trying to pay their way through university.

There is no way these cuts are going to create more jobs. It means less money being spent in the local economy. 

G. David, Greenwell Point

All sales, no responsibility

If you cannot afford to pay your electricity bill or drive to work or pay the rent, it is the NSW government that let you down; your existence as a taxpayer has been privatised.

As far as electricity and travelling on motorways go, all your hard earned dollars are being swallowed up by dividends earned (in many  cases) by overseas investors.

And your spiralling rent charges, for all I know, are heading in the same direction.

The government does not care about you.

The main aim of government is their bottom line: either build and sell, or sell assets to the highest bidder.

And with the money received build and sell, once more. Yep! You guessed it, to the highest bidder.

The outcome: the government owns nothing and is not responsible for anything.

Their attitude: do not look to us (the government) for help, make overtures to your billing agent, a company nine times out of 10  owned by a Hong Kong or Singaporean millionaire.

We must learn to think for ourselves, outsmart those disappointing local members who have abandoned the electorate and deserted us in favour of privatisation and the party.

J. Macleod, Berry

Settlement shock

While watching Question Time in federal parliament on Wednesday, I expected some fireworks but what was revealed simply left me gobsmacked.

Minister Dutton strode to the dispatch box and made a startling revelation.

He advised government lawyers had just settled a class action claim by 1900 detainees past and present on Manus Island.

He stated the government agreed to pay compensation of $70 million to the claimants.

They were also to pay $20 million to the law firm Slater and Gordon for legal costs.

To say I was in shock is an understatement.

There were a few howls from across the house from Labor members but that was about it.

Today, I can confidently say our political masters have lost the plot. Sack the lot of them, I say, and good riddance.

And what better place to start than the seat of Gilmore. 

B. Cumberland, North Nowra 

Still time to donate

The Salvation Army would like to send a big thank-you to the Australian public for its incredible support of this year’s Red Shield Appeal.

There is great need in our community and the Salvos would not be able to give hope to Australians doing it tough without the overwhelming generosity of the public each year. 

We are especially grateful to the thousands of volunteers who assisted us over the Red Shield Doorknock weekend to help those in need.

We are heartened to see the Australian public unite to give hope where it’s needed most.

In a typical week throughout Australia, the Salvos provide 100,000 meals for the hungry, 2000 beds for the homeless, distribute up to 8000 food vouchers and give refuge to 500 victims of of abuse.

It is not too late to donate the Red Shield Appeal. You can donate by calling 13 72 58 or online at salvos.org.au

Once again we sincerely thank you. 

L. Cleave, The Salvation Army


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