Shoalhaven residents nominate region’s worse roads

Shoalhaven City Council has announced 60 per cent of the $7.1 million raised from a proposed 13.2 rate rise approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) will be spent on roads.

We know roads in the Shoalhaven is a contentious issue.

So we asked you through the South Coast Register Facebook page to give us your suggestions on which roads were the worst in the Shoalhaven and which roads should be fixed with this extra funding.

More than  60 comments came up with plenty of suggestions.

Check out Millbank Road between Greenwell Point and Terara roads. Patch upon patch, upon patch.

Not surprisingly Millbank Road, between Greenwell Point Road and Terara Road, perhaps one of the most “patched” roads in the city, had plenty of nominations, one reader even questioning if it was a road, suggesting it was more like an “amusement ride”.

A walk along certain sections of Millbank Road sees patch upon patch, upon patch where the pavement has broken up.

Admittedly the road was never built for the amount of traffic that now use it on a daily basis.

The road is used increasingly more by traffic now, especially with the expansion of Worrigee, as Lindsay Fordham put it “traffic on this road now is hectic to say the least! I think most of Worrigee people and the likes of Greenwell Point, Callala, Culburra and Currarong all use this road just so we can all stay away from East Nowra shops and Archer Resort lights.”

Nikki Hush described Millbank Road as “atrocious”.

“You actually can't call it a road it is so bad,” she said.

While Ijesha Goerlach described it as “a train wreck”.

This a road is used by close to 300 caravans and hundreds of tourists each year, arriving for the annual Terara Country Music Campout - certainly not a good look a good look or good first impression to visitors to our city.

A number of other roads were also suggested including - Worrigee Road at the entry with Greenwell Point Road described as “too narrow” while further south near the horse common towards Isa Road has some “serious craters”;  Greenwell Point Road starting at East Nowra right through to Greenwell Point; West Street in Greenwell Point was described as the “worst road on the planet”; Rayleigh Drive at the intersection at Robinia Way; the Wool Road Sanctuary Point between the Larmer Ave roundabout and the Jervis Bay Road roundabout at Vincentia; Old Southern Road from the roundabout to Browns Road; Reserve Road Basin View; Jervis Bay Road and Naval College Road; Jindy Andy Lane; Nerriga and Oallen roads and Bolong Road.

Questions were also raised as to why council persists in resurfacing perfectly good roads.

“It’s a waste of money. Illaroo Road a few weeks ago is a prime example. It didn't need anything done but council did it anyway,” said Daniel O'Dempsey

“Council or sub contractors resurfaced part of Derwent and Mitchell streets, Callala Bay towards the end of 2016  - so far three repairs have been carried out in Mitchell Street but the whole road needs to be redone as there are sections where bitumen is lifting and big side indentations from trucks using the street,” said Eva Watson.

Katrina Lewis said diversions being put in place while roads were being fixed also caused problems due to excess traffic.

Check out Millbank Road between Greenwell Point and Terara roads. Patch upon patch, upon patch.

“At Culburra, Prince Edward Avenue is being repaired/upgraded. As a result of the traffic being diverted, The Lake Circuit now has significant damage. Close down The Lake Circuit to repair it and divert traffic down Prince Edward? Round and round in circles,” she said.

Steven Naisby posed another question -  What road has had the most money spent on it over the years and is still terrible?

“Quinn's Lane would have to be close, they have fixed most potholes but it still floods after two major fixes,” he said.


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