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Lawn Bowls

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Women's Bowlers Grade Four Pennant team, F Carrett, L Farish, P Leach (Res), B Barker, A Lattanzio, B Mills, K Way, I McLeod, (away) N Yee.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Women's Bowlers Grade Four Pennant team, F Carrett, L Farish, P Leach (Res), B Barker, A Lattanzio, B Mills, K Way, I McLeod, (away) N Yee.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Women's Bowls

The Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Women's Bowlers have just finished their Grade Four Pennant competition after 9 weeks of games against women’s bowling clubs throughout the district. The competition started on the 2nd March, playing every Tuesday and Thursday for seven weeks, however due to the constant bad weather the competition was not completed until the 4th May with our club winning 48.5 with Nowra Club coming in a close second on 47 points. We are now heading to The Entrance in August to compete for the State Grade 4 Title against all the other district winners throughout NSW.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men’s Bowls

The weather was perfect for Lawn Bowls. On Wednesday, the first round matches of our Major Club Singles Championship continued. There were two matches of Singles, one of Social Triples and five of Social Pairs contested. Saturday saw the final matches of the first round of Club Major Singles Championship with 5 matches of singles and two games of Social Pairs along with one game of Social Triples. We welcomed three new members to the Club, Adrian Davidson, Robert Ray and Donald Salway. May their stay be enjoyable!

We congratulate the Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Women’s Bowls Teams for their magnificent win in their grade of the NSW District Women’s Bowls Pennants. They are off to represent the Club and District in the State Finals of the Pennants later in the year.

Wednesday 10th May was a cool clear day that resulted in bowls being a pleasure to play. The greens were rolling at a medium pace with a slight North West zephyr allowing the best bowlers to shine.

Rink 2 held the first of the Major Singles Championship matches. Joe Mejlak demonstrated his bowling skills as he outplayed Trevor Politch by 31 to 19 shots

Rink 4 the last match of Singles for the day saw Peter Smith having to play at his very best to overcome John O’Dell to win by 31 shots to 22.

Rink 8 saw the first game of the Social games. Mathew Rosina (welcome back after your break), Paul Takac and Harry Pearce played some outstanding bowls to crush their opponents by 27 to 11 shots.

Rink 9 Norm Schulz and Ian Abberley showed great composure and class to overwhelm their opposition and take the game by 22 shots to 15.

Rink 10 witnessed Mick Quinn and John Edwards having to win 2 ends by fantastic 4 shots each to get home against their opposition by 24 to 21 shots.

Rink 11 In another close game, Adrian Davidson and Bert Madge came home strongly over the last few ends to take the game by 19 shots to 17.

Rink 12 This game saw Terry Wright and Mick Edwards play outstanding bowls to devastate the opposition with a 26 to 12 shot win.

Rink 13 In the last game of the day, Tommy Smith and John Black played superbly to demolish their opponents by 24 shots to 13.

Draw Results: 1st Prize Rink 12 Terry Wright and Mick Edwards, 2nd Prize Rink 2 Joe Mejlak and Eddie Lee, 3rd Prize Rink 11 Adrian Davidson and Bert Madge.1st Spin Rink 2 Joe Mejlak, Trevor Politch and Eddie Lee. WON! Member Draw: Tommy Smith

Saturday 13th May, was a magnificent afternoon to be playing bowls. The greens were fast and a slight NE breeze made accurate bowling a must.

Rink 2 held the first of the Major Singles Championship matches. Tim McCormack demonstrated how experience can overcome enthusiasm as he outplayed Gary Way by 31 shots to 22.

Rink 3 Harry Pearce played precision bowls to overwhelm his opponent by 31 to 3 shots.

Rink 4 In a very close and hard fought match, Ian Abberley had to play at his very best to overcome Dooley Gould to win by 31 shots to 26.

Rink 5 In a Round 2 match Peter Smith again showed his expertise to outplay Joe Wright by 31 to 7 shots.

Rink 6 witnessed the match of the week. Steve Hollington shot out of the blocks with a magnificent opening game that saw him up 6 shots to 2 by the 6th end. Garry Thurston tried to stem the tide by a great 2 then a 1, but this didn’t faze Steve for a moment. He continued to play brilliantly to be in front by 17 to 7 shots on the 17th end. Garry finally found his touch and a fantastic three followed by another glorious three had him finally back in the game at 14 to 17 shots. Steve, not to be outdone, won the next two ends but Garry was on a wave. A 3 shot end followed by another stunning 4 shot end had him in front for the first time at 21 to 19 shot on the 23rd end. Could he ride this wave to the finish or would Steve find his line again? Steve replied with a tremendous 2 to tie the game at 21 all but Garry replied with a fabulous 4 to shoot into the lead again. A great 2 to Steve on the 31st end tied the game again at 27 all. This was a true battle of the Champs. Who would hold their concentration to emerge the winner? The crowd roared as Garry won the end next by 3 shots. Would Steve find the touch to keep this match alive? No, Garry Thurston won the next end by a shot and the match by 31 to 27 shots. Great bowls were played here today!

Rink 9 Eda and Sigi Ferchow showed great composure and class to overwhelm their opposition and take the game by 16 shots to 10.

Rink 10 Dave Solomon and Norma Yee played superlative bowls to trounce their opponents by 24 to 12 shots.

Rink 11 In a closer game, Norm Schulz, Pat Leach and Alby Barker played strongly over the last few ends to take the game by 19 shots to 14.

Draw Results: 1st Prize Rink 10 Dave Solomon and Norma Yee, 2nd Prize Rink 9 Eda and Sigi Ferchow, 3rd Prize Rink 3 Harry Pearce and Graham Mills. Member Draw: Steve Hollington

What’s On: Wednesday 17th May. Social Bowls with registrations by 12.30 pm. Second round matches of the Clubs Major Single Championship. Club Uniform required.  Saturday 20th May. Social Bowls with registrations by 12.30pm. The conclusion of the Second round matches of the Clubs Major Single Championship. Club Uniform required. 28th May Club AGM Club Uniform required by Office Bearers. Casual cloths can be worn by members.                                                                                                                                               

Culburra Ladies

What a busy week we have had, and the next few weeks are just as busy!

Our Major Pairs are well under way, with lots of great, close games being played.  The winners of last Tuesday’s round were Kim Rudd and Judy Watson over Robyn Herbert and Lin Hulbert, Carol Blackshaw and Jenny Castellan over Eileen Hunter and Helen Neilsen and June Jones and Ruth Joannou over Lorraine Epple and Jean Eagleton. Only one game was played on Thursday, and what a game it was. With both teams on 17 after 17 ends, the last end was a nail biter !! Congratulations to Sandra Annetts and Nancye Carre over Kim Rudd and Judy Watson – well played ladies.  Good luck to all in this week’s games.

 Our Social Ladies also enjoyed some very entertaining games last week.  Tuesdays winners were Eliza Gunn, Carol Turton and Kristi Buckley over Maree Guilfoyle, Marilyn O’Day and Trish Bailey, and Margaret Gilchrist, Joy Hanneman and Annette Lapin  over Dawn Neville, Edna Baxter and Marea Challender. 

Thursday’s winners were Carol Turton, Helen Neilsen and Jean Eagleton over Lorraine Epple, Trish Bailey and Thelma Cooley, Carol Blackshaw, Elaine Turner and Marea Challender over Margaret Gilchrist, Joy Hanneman and June Jones, and Robin Bryan, Elaine Parkinson and Kristi Buckley over Marilyn O’Day, Lorraine Foster and Lin Hulbert.

Huskisson held their Open Triples last week, and six teams from our Club enjoyed a lovely day of bowls with many other friends from our District.  Congratulations to Sandra Annetts, Ruth Joannou and Nancye Carre for taking out the AM prize, Kim Rudd, Robyn Herbert and Lin Hulbert for taking out overall 3rd place, and June Jones, Lorraine Epple and Jean Eagleton for taking out overall 1st place for the day.  Trish Bailey and Sandra Annetts also won raffle prizes – so it was a great day, and great result for our Club.

Nowra Men’s Bowls

Social Bowls Wednesday’s 3 bowl pairs 10th May

Winners on the day T Edwards and M Campbell, Runners up were I Woodgate and M Legge. Jackpot $1200 Not won by B McMahon and L Williams

Game results I Woodgate and M Legge beat S Ferchow and D Goodsell 29/20. A Bradley and B O’Grady beat G Neal and D Platt 35/17. T Edwards and M Campbell drew 20/20 with B Pritchard and W Toohey. B McMahon and L Williams beat K McMillan and K Larsen

Social Bowls Friday’s Jackpot Pairs 12th May

Winners on the day L Norman and R Coulthart,Runners up were B Pritchard and M Campbell.Jackpot $1200 B Toohey spun the wheel and was successful in winning the jackpot

Game results B Pritchard and M Campbell beat B McMahon and D Platt 28/12, D Potter and T Gray beat G Neal and K McMillan 29/10

Triples game I Woodgate-D Goodsell and H Fenton beat J Ireland-P Flanagan and T Cake 17/16

C Edwards and B Hollands beat K Larsen and R Anning 22/12

B Toohey and R Pearman beat I Jorgenson and B Jorgenson 22/18

L Norman and R Coulthart beat T Reksmiss and G Maude 24/16

S Christison and T Wright beat I Biggs and L Williams 20/10

Zone No 5 Pennant Nowra travel to Tomakin to play Cooma and Moruya on the weekend 20-21 May

Club Major Pairs Final will be held on Saturday 20 May between T Flinn- M Mitchell and B Almond and J Turner.

Callala Bowls

The first round of the Men’s Triples Championship was played on Saturday, May 13, in fine, cool conditions.  Garry Manning, Col Neighbour and Barry Schey defeated Rod Boswell, Steve Blackley and Steve Robinson.  Paul Mitchell, Craig Taylor and Greg McMillan defeated Dion Gadd, Pauli Kennedy and Anthony Fisher.  In a hard fought game, Terry Castle, Glenn Brindle and Chris Harbrow defeated Marty Gehrke, Pat Ford and Phill Bowerman by one shot, 18 – 17.  An extra end was played to break the deadlock, 17 all on the 21st end.  Congratulations to all the players and thanks to the spectators who were present to support their teams.  Next round should be interesting.  This coming Saturday, May 20, is the Ladies Tooheys Day.  Please make sure you put your name up on the board for this great mixed triples tournament.

Berry Men's Bowls

Two further matches in the Club's 2017 Major Singles Championship were played on Wednesday 10th May. Nick Nicholls played the younger member of the club Nathan Bezant and the early part of the match was shot for shot. Whether Nick was tiring is not known but Nathan took control over the later section of the 30 ends played and took the match 31 to 20. The other match played saw Col Good in devastating form with his known draw bowling and he took the match from Terry Hayes 32 to 10 over 22 ends.

Social play on the above date was played in excellent weather on a rather fast green. The pairs match of the day saw Brian Povey and David Armstrong keep Harry Harrop and Rob Folkard off the score card for the first six ends but from that point the scoring pattern changed and with the aid of six shots on two ends Rob and Harry claimed victory.

In the triples matches of the day the Mick Vassallo, Arch Mackinnon, Derek Raymond could not get counters over the first eight ends but scoring 11 shots over the last three ends they nearly caught their opponents Ken Crocker, Laurie Watson and David Lambert. In another match consistent scoring saw Steve Kellett, Bob Dunn and David Badger take the match from Lindsay McNamara, Ken Stephens and Peter Webb.

Entries are now being taken from members for the 2017 Club Major Pairs Championship with the first round due to be played by 3rd June.

Mollymook Beach Women's Bowls

The final of the Club pairs Championship was held last week between Judy Henderson/Debra Boller and Lyn Newton/Irene Wilson.  The game was fairly even for many ends until the winners, Lyn and Irene, skipped away.  Congratulations to both teams and thank you to all who entered the competition.

The first round of the Club triples Championship was held last week, with the semi-final and final to be held this week.

The President's Pairs, which will be played on June 1st, is open to all members.  There will be 2 games of 12 ends.  Entries close on 30th May.  Please add your name to the sheet if you would like to play.

Nomination forms are available for positions on the various committees.  These positions will be filled at our AGM on July 17th.  Please hand completed forms to Secretary Kerrie before 13 June 2017.


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