Kooris are ready to rip in

IT may have been a long time between games, but this year will be the first time since 2009 that Mt Warrigal will have a team competing in the Group 7 rugby league competition.

The Kooris, who have a rich history of more than 15 years in the league, including winning the premiership in 2007, are excited to make a triumph return in 2017.

“Mt Warrigal has been a family and close friends based club that a few elders such as Jeffo Tungai and Roger Henry, formed many years ago,” Mat Warrigal president Rodney Broad said.

“Our current players have been split up at different clubs but a group of us older players decided we should all get back together and spoke about bringing the team back and playing with one another before we all got too old.

“We engaged with Group 7 about our plans and they were more then happy to assist us in setting back up and running.”

The Kooris, who open their 2017 campaign this Saturday against the Culburra Dolphins at Noel Mulligan Oval from 3pm, have goals they’d like to achieve this year

“We would like to be successful in our first year but are just happy to be back up and running,” Broad said.

“The club has a big plan in the future on how we can support not only the men's team but look to add junior based teams and also a women's team.

“We have a lot of our local products running around at other clubs because of the fact is our club hasn't been running week to week since 2009.

“In terms of how we are shaping up, the team have had no trials games this year due to weather.

“We started getting together last year in December as we were still working with Group 7 on our return to the competition.

“Our build up hasn't be the best we could ask for but every club has been in the same boat around training we believe.

“Our first goal when we came together was make the finals and nothing has changed,” Broad said.

“On top of that, the committee just wish a safe year for our players while building for the future of our club.”

After a lengthy pre-season, Broad is keen to see how the team actually perform on the field.

“We have a few boys to look out for this year but keep an eye out for this group, which include Matthew Tungai, Nathan Marsden, Jake Gill, Ronald Gatt, Josh McKay, Jared Stewart, Dean Tungai, Ben Hann and Matthew Fuller,” he said.

“Coach Uncle Kevvy (Roger Henry) has a strong squad at his disposal and I’m sure the boys are going prove that this season – I can’t wait.

Kooris squad list for 2017: Matthew Tungai, Jake Gill, Nathan Marsden, Ronald Gatt ,Josh McKay, Jared Stewart, Dean Tungai, Ben Hann, Matthew Fuller, Nathan Austin, Shane Butler, Douglas Hay, Garry Henry, Liam McNamara, Robert Moylan, David Nicholls, Taren Parsons, Gary Pearce, Dylan Riggs, Codey Stewards, Scott Studman, Peter Szele, Keedan Daniels and Rod Broad.