Letters to the Editor

PIC OF THE DAY: Stunning snap captured by @ritualhabitualcoffee. Submit entries via Instagram, Facebook or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: Stunning snap captured by @ritualhabitualcoffee. Submit entries via Instagram, Facebook or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Motor sports for all 

I write in support of the proposal to build a motor sport complex in Nowra NSW. 

The project proposed by Motorcycling NSW for a site at Yerriyong near HMAS Albatross had the support of the Shoalhaven Council, Federal Member Anne Sudmalis, State Member Shelley Hancock, the local Tourism Board and various other agencies. Federal funding was allocated through the National Stronger Regions Fund, this allocation requires applicants to present a strong case demonstrating the economic benefits of any project submitted, evidence that due diligence has been carried out.

The proposal has widespread community support from local businesses that recognise the possible benefits of having such a facility in the area. Many employment opportunities directly stemming from this proposal exist, from the initial construction phase through operation and maintenance of the facility, as well as visitor created increases in demand for accommodation, fuel and food. Many motorsport competitors and spectators will spend extra days in an area to extend a trip away, meaning further opportunities for many other local tourism and entertainment operators. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest quite a number of local motor enthusiasts would build vehicles of varying levels to compete at this facility, this requires more money injected into the local economy via various purchases of parts and labour through automotive businesses.

There has been discussion re: the use of the proposed facility for driver training activities both of a commercial nature and as an introduction to driving and road safety for high school students. Any commercial use for driver training has the potential to generate income and employment for a local business, or perhaps introduce a new business venture to our area with obvious flow on effects for the local economy. The opportunity to train our young people properly has inestimable benefit to the community, if we can make our youth safer on the roads we will of course be better off  financially, but on a social basis if we could save just one young life it would be well worth the effort.

Harder to quantify is the benefit to the community in respect of self worth and the feeling of having a top class, worthwhile facility in our area. The Shoalhaven often receives negative attention for a number of reasons areas such as the ice problem, unemployment rates etc. [This] gives people reason to be proud to come from this area.

It has been suggested having a motorsport complex would help to keep some hoons off the streets and reduce number of people illegally using and abusing National Park areas for recreational motoring activities. I’m not sure how this could be quantified but there certainly is the potential for a reduction of these unwanted activities. I would think there is a much higher potential for damage to the environment, including rare orchids, by unauthorised hooning through the bush than would ever be caused by this facility.

After many modifications to the proposal to address noise and traffic considerations and the purported threat to rare fauna which have meant the process has been going on for seven years and cost the applicant over $1m, we have reached the point where a small grouping of rare orchids have brought this valuable project to a halt. 

R. Mahoney, Nowra  

Above and beyond

As a visitor from overseas am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the treatment I received at Shoalhaven Hospital on February 22, 2017. I suffered a fairly serious injury and was transported to Shoalhaven Hospital where I received outstanding treatment by all the staff from the ambulance, nurses, doctors and surgeons. I was treated with respect and compassion and would like to you publish this letter in your newspaper as a means of expressing my thanks - the care was "above and beyond".

C. Waters, Ottawa, Canada