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PIC OF THE DAY: Bayside Aerial Images snapped this shot of the boat ramp at Hyams Beach. Submit entries via FB, nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au or Instagram.

PIC OF THE DAY: Bayside Aerial Images snapped this shot of the boat ramp at Hyams Beach. Submit entries via FB, nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au or Instagram.

Power struggles

Before anyone gets too excited about the federal government's announcements about updating hydro power, including South Australia's intention to also look at some of the same.

These power generators themselves are subject to the climate, among other things, and also need base power surplus at regular times to pump the water back up the hill. Kangaroo Valley/Fitzroy Falls is a classic example. At the moment there are far too many in society, including some perceived experts, who keep quoting that off peak power can be used to do this, along with using off peak to recharge Tesla batteries etc. 

What they are clearly missing is: What we know as off peak power these days is the surplus amount available from base load when coal fired and other steam generating methods cannot be shut down and restarted in short time and thus must keep generating.

When pumping stations and charging systems (For Tesla etc.) come more into play, those night hours will become peak times and not off peak as they now are.

Thus hydro will require at least more wind and solar power during hours when it can have it, to do the reverse flows of water.

How many people remember just a few years ago when a couple of Hunter Valley coal power stations suffered a couple of generator failures one afternoon? 

To help cover the shortfall the companies were ordered to reverse the normal use of the Tallowa generators for that time of day and at the same time cut Shoalhaven electricity users off and send the power north to the Hunter.

And lest we forget? Tallowa is not only a power supply balancer on a day basis. It also sucks water out of the Shoalhaven to supplement Sydney Water. Yes they now have that wonderful reverse osmosis water system at Cronulla. But will we be left to suffer water/power losses here before they decide to ever use it?

B. Graffham, Sanctuary Point

Live exports hurt us all

The closure of the Deniliquin abattoir for four weeks due to a shortage of sheep for slaughter raises a number of issues.

The export of Australian sheep and cattle for slaughter overseas is hideously cruel. Many of the animals die from stress during transport. Then they may be slaughtered overseas in very cruel ways long since banned here. 

The live animal export trade is a shameful blot on Australia. When we send animals overseas for slaughter we not only inflict suffering on animals that deserve humane treatment we export thousands of jobs.

A. Humphreys, Narrawallee

Quad bike safety

I write to ensure your readers are aware of the rebates available to help increase quad bike safety across our state.

Like your readers, I am deeply concerned about the number of quad bike deaths and injuries and I have been saddened by the recent deaths.

Since 2011, 112 people have lost their lives in quad bike accidents nationally, with 30 of these tragedies occurring in NSW. Those figures are totally unacceptable.

The NSW government’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, introduced last July, gave farmers access to a one-off rebate to buy helmets, undertake training, retrofit safety equipment to existing quad bikes, and/or buy a safer side-by-side farm vehicle.

Earlier this month, we doubled the rebate to $1000 for the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle, $500 for the retrofitting of safety equipment to an existing quad bike, and $90 for the purchase of an approved helmet.

As many farmers have more than one quad bike, they can now also apply for two rebates, meaning they can be eligible for up to $2000, rather than the original $500 if they are buying side-by-sides.

Can can visit www.safework.nsw.gov.au to find out what they can do to reduce their risk of death or injury.

M. Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation


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