Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: A beautiful valley sunrise captured by @desiderata_kangaroo_valley. Submit entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: A beautiful valley sunrise captured by @desiderata_kangaroo_valley. Submit entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Point of no return

Labor’s endorsement of Fiona Phillips so far out from the next election can only be because they smell the blood of an electoral victory.

Simply, Sudmalis, as a result of her self-inflicted wounds, lays mortally wounded. 

Armed with lessons learnt from the last election Labor has clearly targeted Gilmore for a win. Sudmalis has always been gaffe prone and her efforts of late only reinforce that perception.

Sudmalis must jump or be pushed to vacate her seat if a new candidate has any chance of repairing the damage done.

Labor has forced the conservatives’ hand buoyed by the WA election result and on the back of positive polls. The seat of Gilmore will require the services of a more competent, articulate and dedicated representative in an effort to arrest the slide in popularity of the government.

B. Cumberland, North Nowra

Fishing reforms coming

The NSW government is moving ahead with reforms to commercial fishing, supported by the primary recommendation from a recent Parliamentary inquiry and I want to remind fishers of some important dates.

A succession of Governments has failed to act, and we need to make these adjustments to ensure that fourth and fifth generation fishing families become ninth and tenth generation families.

From December this year, the key reform links shares with catch and effort to prepare for that, the NSW Government has chipped in $16 million and is overseeing a subsidised share trading market.

That commences on May 1 2017, but registration forms must be submitted by March 27. There are further Government grants available to help fishers with independent financial and legal advice.

I want to ensure anyone who plans to remain actively involved in commercial fishing can do so, with generous Government subsidies available to help fund the purchase of additional shares.

Equally, those with excess shares are able to sell, but you must register by March 27.

All fishers stand to benefit from this market. It costs nothing to register and fishers are strongly encouraged to participate. There are also further Government grants available to help fishers with independent financial and legal advice. Fishers should take advantage of these to help set their businesses up for the future.

There’s also the opportunity for industry to have a greater say through Commfish NSW – An independent commercial fisheries advisory council.

Expressions of interest for Commfish close on March 24.

You’ll find all the important detail at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/commfish

N. Blair, Minister for Primary Industries


The recent decision to reduce the penalty rates for Sunday work is yet another attack on working conditions. 

Business representatives have picked on the most vulnerable  and lowest paid workers, who have no or very little bargaining power.  

Savings from reduced penalty rates, like the Turnbull Government's business tax reduction, will go straight into the pocket of business. 

There will be no additional jobs in retail or hospitality as a result of this decision.  

Contrary to the views of some and despite Sunday rates, hospitality and major retail outlets are thriving in our area. 

Try and get parking in Milton on Sunday morning and early afternoon.

The small retail shops in Ulladulla/Milton that close Sunday do so not because of Sunday penalties, but rather the lack of trade and their own need to have some time off.     

Penalty rates are there to compensate those who work unsociable hours giving up leisure time with family and friends.  ​    

K. Bone, Conjola Park.