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PIC OF THE DAY: Kristie Murray of @you.theworld.wandering at Belmore Falls. Photo: Emma Simms. Send entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: Kristie Murray of @you.theworld.wandering at Belmore Falls. Photo: Emma Simms. Send entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

All she’s known is war

Six-year-old Yousra is the same age as the war in Syria. All she has known is war and when my colleagues met her, she was playing hopscotch among the bombed-out buildings of Aleppo.

War cannot kill the imagination of a child. But it’s depriving millions of children like Yousra of a childhood. 

This week marks an unfortunate anniversary whereby the people of Syria have now endured an armed conflict that’s lasted longer than World War Two. Imagine what it’s like for Yousra and her friends to live through 2190 days of war. 

All kids deserve a childhood and a chance for a bright future. We can all do something to make that possible, whether it’s giving to the Syria appeal or just being kind to those who have fled the war.

Find out how at redcross.org.au

Peter Walton, Australian Red Cross 

Worth giving a rat’s

On Thursday, March 9 outside Milton IGA, I questioned Ann Sudmalis about the government’s refugee policy. “What is your personal opinion on the conditions of their detention? Do you think it’s right to detain people like this?” I asked. She didn’t have an opinion, she said, but was waiting to be briefed by the relevant minister. Readers can form their own view about that answer.

When I pressed her on the poor performance of Malcolm Turnbull, she said, “ If it doesn’t affect my people here, then I don’t give a rat’s.” In saying this, she appeared to be crudely trying to convey the impression that she cares about the people in her electorate of Gilmore. Really Ann? Do you care?

Do you care about the weekend workers having their penalty rates cut, while at the same time big business will be given a massive tax cut? Do you care about this inequitable redistribution of wealth dressed up as progressive tax policy? Well, do you? Or do you really just care about trying to bolster your own position as our local member?

Really, I despair about having an MP who has no opinion on human rights, who doesn’t “give a rat’s” about matters outside her electorate, and who also thinks that the penalty rate cut is “a gift” to our young people. Shame Ann, shame.

G. Miller, Little Forest.


Good on Ann Sudmalis for plain speaking about the small reduction in weekend penalty rates recommended by the ALP created Fair Work Commission. 

Most Australian’s no longer attend church on a Sunday. However Sunday wage rates of $35+ for staff are a major barrier for small businesses to open and employ in particular more young people.  These young workers are often students who are very glad of employment outside school/uni hours.

My local community, Milton/Ulladulla is a ghost town on a Sunday even during holidays. I hope more realistic weekend wage rates will see this change.

A. Humphreys, Narrawallee

Point of interest

I recently read about a person who bought a block of land for $1.9 million and two weeks later sold it to a developer for $8.9 million; and another case, where after leaving school a teenager decided to become an investor in real estate. He got a job, stayed at home and with the help of his family borrowed enough finance for a mortgage on home unit. He hasn’t looked back.

With today’s economy ploughing along, full steam ahead on an investment stream of market manipulators and wealth speculation, aided and supported by politicians; there is little wonder the above illustrations bring to notice why growth is confined not to the economy but the wealthy and big business (including politicians).

What a weak minded leader we have in the form of our “merchant banker raised” Malcolm Turnbull when it is considered a complete economic turnaround can be achieved by the Reserve Bank raising the cash interest rate by .25 of a per cent.

J. Macleod, Berry


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