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Drop the gender card

Do parliamentarians regardless of flavour ever miss the opportunity to play the gender card.

Bill Shorten today quoted as saying, the latest decision to reduce penalty rates would have a greater impact on women as they are the ones most employed in the industries affected.

Hang on Bill,wind back the clock a tad and answer this. In the previous 50 odd enterprise bargaining agreements entered into by workers under your stewardship and abetted by your union mates, what percentage of those affected were women? 

Yes, Bill,most probably the same percentage that you affected with your self serving enterprise bargaining agreements and associated benefits approved by the same commission.

Leftist ideology and rank opportunism on display here as Shorten chooses to ignore precedent after precedent.

Sudmalis is not much better in her claiming the latest attacks on her were gender based.

Outcomes are what is required here and if small businesses is to simply survive, acknowledgement of the circumstances that have the most impact and must be addressed and without misrepresentations. 

What is your response to this critique, Mrs Sudmalis and Mrs Phillips?

B. Cumberland, North Nowra

Words don’t match action

We hear and read in the media about the hypocrisy of this person or the credibility of another so how annoyed was I after attending the seniors forum convened by our federal member Ann Sudmalis.

It allowed those in attendance to ask the MP about changes to the pension and for her to reply in a manner that all what this federal government is implementing is not as bad as what some would make out.

So after the forum what does Mrs Sudmalis do? In the week just completed, with the rest of her counterparts in the House of Representatives, she votes to scrap the energy supplement, which is worth about $1400 to a single pensioner.

Credibility, hypocrisy or just another gift to the pensioners of Gilmore? I listened in the forum I attended to her defence on giving the big end of town a $50 billion tax cut. What a joke.

P. Hawkins, Sanctuary Point.  

Milton Show shame

The expression on the face of the 'bull' abused in the rodeo says much. The animal is obviously having a great old time being jabbed in the flanks and pestered into fear for the amusement of those whose minds are set in past times.

Why is this type of activity still considered a great hoot? We have come a long way in the treatment of our animal cousins. The Rodeo is sadly an exception.Milton rodeo shame

M. Thomas, former 'real cowgirl of Yadboro' and Milton Showgirl 1978, Mollymook Beach

Be cooler, eat vegan

It’s confirmed: Sydney’s summer was the hottest ever, smashing records going back 157 years. January was the hottest ever month, and 2016 the hottest ever year.

Inland, things were even worse, with Richmond posting a record 11 summer days over 40 degrees. Across NSW, temperatures were 2.57 degrees warmer than normal, with Moree setting an unwanted record of 54 days in a row of at least 35 degrees.

The world is warming. Get used to it.

Or must we?

The solution is staring us in the face three times a day.

Over half of Australia's carbon emissions come from animal agriculture, so if every resident ate one, two, or preferably three vegan meals each day, it'd make a huge difference.

It’s easy: just stop paying the meat, dairy, and egg industries to pollute our environment, damage our health, and cause appalling suffering to millions of animals.

D. Bellamy, PETA Australia

PIC OF THE DAY: @peter.tids heads further south to Racecourse Beach for this stunner. Submit entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: @peter.tids heads further south to Racecourse Beach for this stunner. Submit entries via FB, Instagram or nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au


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