Sports notes



28 Kilometre Handicap Braidwood Road 12th February 2017

1. Adrian McMillan (Illawarra CC)         50:15 – 1:15 = 49:00

2. Alice Lauder (Hanlon Windows)       50:15 – 1:15 = 49:00

3. Hubert Driehuis (Access Storage)    50:15  - 2:30 = 47:45

4. Frank Neri (BaiMed Physio)               50:15 – 2:30 = 47:45

5. Jo Chalain (BaiMed Physio)                50:15 – 1:15 = 49:00

6. Tony McGowan (BVH/Coffee)           50:18 – 0:00 = 50:18

7. Kate Darke (Access Storage)              50:18 – 0:00 = 50:18

8. Bruce Jenkins (BVH/Coffeeliscious) 50:30 – 0:00 = 50:30

9. JP Brando Carre (Access Storage)    50:59 – 8:00 = 42:59

10. Nathan Crump (Access Storage)    50:59 – 8:00 = 42:59

11. Michael Berriman (Nowra Velo)     50:59 – 2:30 = 48:29

12. Phil Rice (Access Storage)                50:59 – 5:30 = 45:29

13. Gary Bryce (BVH/Coffeeliscious)   50:59 – 4:00 = 46:59

14. Rob Pickard (BVH/Coffeeliscious)  50:59 – 4:00 = 46:59

15. Tim Devlin (BaiMed Physio)             51:05 – 5:30 =  45:35

16. Dave Gray (Access Storage)                        51:05 – 5:30 = 45:35

17. Henry Wakeford (BaiMed Physio) 51:05 – 5:30 = 45:35

18. Michael Thompson (BVH/Coffee)  51:05  – 4:00 = 47:05

19. Paul Mackie (BVH/Coffeeliscious) 51:05 – 8:00 = 43:05

20. Richard Vitiello (BaiMed Physio)    51:05 – 7:00 = 44:05

21. Mark Astley (Access Storage)         51:56 – 9:00 = 42:56

22. Simon Meridith (Illawarra CC)        51:56 – 9:00 = 42:56

23. Jade Colligan (BVH/Coffeeliscious)            51:56 – 9:00 = 42:56

24. Adam Ferris (Nowra Velo)               51:56 – 7:00 = 44:56

25. Brad Oaten (Access Storage)          52:48 – 1:15 = 51:33

26. Steve Gendek (BVH/Coffeeliscious)53:44 – 7:00 = 46:44


Nowra Athletics

Unfortunately last Wednesday's track & field competition was cancelled due to rain however it was a different weather scenario that faced athletes on Saturday at Nowra Show.

Heatwave conditions prevailed throughout the day but despite the scorching heat the annual 1km handicap race went ahead. Twelve athletes contested the race with the usual handicapping applied.

Lined up in starting order was Charlie Braddick, Kevyn Davis, Sue Anfruns, Rommey Hazell, Andrew Havadjia, Lucas Johnson, Perry Strand, Scott Martin, Liam Dooley, Ethan Havadjia, Zac Havadjia and Harry McGill.

Charlie Braddick was the youngest contender with Go marker position. Next off the start line and at the opposite end of the age scale, was Kevyn Davis as the oldest competitor, who started off 11 seconds.

The back marker position was filled by 19-year-old Harry McGill  with a 2 minute 11 handicap. Zac Havadjia was just in front of Harry on a 2 minute 3 second handicap and brother Ethan Havadjia was on a 1 minute 57 handicap.

The race was hard-fought by all with back marker Harry undoubtedly pushing the hardest as he made his way through the field, picking off competitors one by one.

The Havadjia clan fought their own battle for bragging rights to the finishing order whilst the quiet achievers Sue, Scott and Lucas plugged away in the middle of the field, unfazed by the heat or the crowd.

However it was club stalwart Kevyn Davis who managed to grab the victory, stopping the clock at 4.37 minutes. Harry did well to finish second with a stop watch time of 4.48 minutes but his corrected time was a mere 2 minutes 37 which was a fine show of speed and athleticism.

Rommey Hazell took third place in 5.12 minutes off a 23 second handicap. In fourth place was Lucas Johnson followed by Liam Dooley and Scott Martin. Perry Strand ran in 7th then youngster Charlie Braddick followed by Zac Havadjia who staked his claim on being the first Havadjia member home!

Sue Anfruns finished 10th then Andrew Havadjia with Ethan Havadjia rounding out the field.


Place Name Finish Time Handicap Actual Time 1 Kevyn Davis 4:37 0:11 4:26 2 Harry McGill 4:48 2:11 2:37 3 Rommey Hazzel 5:12 0:23 4:89 4 Lucas Johnson 4:49 1:03 3:46 5 Liam Dooley 4:51 1:50 3:01 6 Scott Martin 4:57 1:45 3:12 7 Perry Strand 5:00 1:37 3:63 8 Charlie Braddick 5:04 0:00 5:04 9 Zac Havadjia 5:08 2:03 3:05 10 Sue Anfruns 5:10 0:18 4:92 11 Andrew Havadjia 4:49 0:51 3:98 12 Ethan Havadjia 5:12 1:57 3:55

Lawn Bowls

Berry Men's Bowls

A very successful Pennant trial game was played against Bomaderry on Thursday, February 9. Six teams from both clubs contested in the trial over 21 ends with all rinks returning very close scores. A further trial against Bomaderry will be played at 5pm on Thursday, February 16.

Social play has not been possible over the last week due firstly to some long awaited rain on Wednesday 8th and then unplayable conditions on Saturday 11th. All green keepers were relieved that the soaking rain arrived between the two extremely hot periods as this did reduce the damage to greens and surrounds.

Congratulations are extended to Adam Rigney who was runner up in the Sate Singles, David Lambert runner up in the Minor State Singles and  David Badger who reached the semi final of the State Senior Singles.

For information regarding playing at Berry telephone 0488 729 229. 

Greenwell Point Women's Bowls

Top duo: Greenwell Point 2017 Major Pairs Winners; lead Pat Black and skip Suzanne Stevenson.

Top duo: Greenwell Point 2017 Major Pairs Winners; lead Pat Black and skip Suzanne Stevenson.

In the Greenwell Point 2017 Major Pairs, the winners were lead Pat Black and skip Suzanne Stevenson. Pat and Suzanne first came up against Kay Innes and S Gail Kiggins, defeating them and winning an eight pin. Then on Thursday Pat and Suzanne played Karen Richardson and Betty Wood, beating them in a great final game that had the spectators entertained. Pat and Suzanne will play off in State Champion of Club Champions Pairs at Rosehill/Carlingford. So good luck to them both.

Culburra Ladies Bowls

Due to the rain last week, our teams entered into the District Open Pairs and Senior Pairs have had their games rescheduled for next week – good luck ladies and we hope the weather is kinder to you this time.

We had no social bowls last Tuesday either due to the rain, but by Thursday everyone was glad to see the sun and get out  to enjoy a great day of social bowls. Thirty-two ladies took to the greens, and the winners were : Fay Bennett, Annette Lapins, Anne McCauley and Jean Eagleton over Lorraine Foster, Trish Bailey, Robyn Herbert and Helen Neilsen, Edna Baxter, Lynne McVicar, Robin Bryan and Joy Hanneman over Margaret Gilchrist, Trish Tom, Lynne McKee and Thelma Cooley, Carol Blackshaw, Jan Palmer, Lin Hulbert and Lorraine Epple over Ruby Salmon, Diane Dawes, Carol Turton and Kim Rudd, June Jones, Jenny Castellan, Gail Scott and Nancye Care over Eileen Hunter, Elaine Turner, Elaine Parkinson and Sandra Annetts.

The very best of luck this week to our 3 teams entered into the District Open Fours and 2 teams entered into the District Senior Fours.

Callala Bowls

In extremely hot conditions on Saturday, February 11, one first round game in the women's Minor Singles Championship was played between Sam Bowerman and Dianne Dawes.  Sam started well, keeping Dianne scoreless until the 8th end, staying ahead until the 16th end.  Dianne caught up, the score 13-all at the 16th end and 16-all on the 18th end.  The final score was Dianne 25 to Sam 19 on the 25th end.  Congratulations to both ladies for a great game.

One game in the semi-final of the men's Major Singles was also played on Saturday.  Craig Taylor and Pat Brown battled it out in the very hot and humid conditions.  This was a very close game with the lead changing several times.  With the scores 30-29 to Pat on the second last end, it was anyone's game.  Craig scored 2 shots on the last end to win 31-30.  Also congratulations to both men for an excellent  game and to the marker Pauli Kennedy and spectators who endured the heat to support the players.  The other semi final is set down to be played today.

Mollymook Beach Bowls

Wednesday results :- D.Hume G.Smith M.Keegan G.Mcguire 13 E.Woodburn K.Dwyer A.Wynter D.Clark 28; L.Hawken J.Bisset D. Munt 25   K.Crabtree   D.Henry R.Potts 14; D.Nelson C.Milligan T.Hill 18 T.Fraser   D.Harrison P.Barnes 27;  B.Ayshford R.Croot A.Wicken 15  H.Williams G.Watson P.Champion 22; J.Denny R.Oke D.White 14 J.Hackney G.Boots B.Brandley 27; G.Travis J.Wilton B.Stanmore T.Hutchins 25 C.Lees B.Angus R.Booth R.Wynter 13; lucky rink Paul Ted and David. Friday pairs  played in extreme heat,  R.Miller R.Wall 27 J.Paul T.Fraser 24; R.Sinclair K.Jones 20; C.Milligan M.Keegan 15; R.Nesbitt D.Harrison 15 J.Boyd D.Clark13;  L.Youren R.Flinn J.Wilton 25 D.Jones A.Hutchins R.Wynter 18;  D.Nelson S.Brand  11  M.Dundas R.Booth 30; J.Field T.Hill 40(like it hot and slow) E Sheperrd L. Shepherd (from U.K.  Like it cool and quicker)11; G.Watson P.Barnes 15 R.Morton D.White 19 tough game; J.Hackney P.Champion 21 A.Hapgood T.Clarke 17,  could not have picked this.  The $200 was won by Field/Hill Les& Yvonne shared.  Croc and the black pearl won the Keno shared with poop deck and tattoo work them out.   Due to the extreme heat there were no bowls on Saturday at Mollymook; our district contestants all lost at Lake Conjola. Only mad dogs @ Englishmen go out bowling in the mid day sun no English played only  Aussies. Our secret pennant trials are on Thursday at 5pm with a meal at 4.15pm. 


Volleyball draw for Thursday, February 16

Ct. 1. 7.30pm. Chicks v Cougars

Ct. 3. 6pm. Free training and games for new and returning players.

         7.30pm. Hermits v Coaches (D. O/School)

         8.30pm. Snails v Old School (D.Hermits)