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PIC OF THE DAY: Vincentia boat ramp by Emelia Smeets. Find more on Instagram @714_photography. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Vincentia boat ramp by Emelia Smeets. Find more on Instagram @714_photography. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Time to drain the swamp

As each day goes by and new revelations aired re alleged rorting by  politicians of their travel entitlements,it may be akin to the feeling of a dagger in Sudmalis’ electoral heart.

The current conservative government and its perceived age of entitlement attitude by some of its members is ensuring that they will not returned at the next election. 

Call it draining the swamp if you like but something must happen and happen it will. One Nation and other Independents will benefit from the coalition disasters as self interest appears to be the driving force for many politicians. 

Ann Sudmalis, if she wants to survive must distance herself from the serial offenders in her party and quickly. The next set of poll numbers will be the driving force behind the campaign to unseat Turnbull and his lot in order for the party to survive. 

Fingers are ready to pull the plug on this particular swamp and rightly so. 

B.Cumberland, North Nowra 

A sound warning 

I have been walking on shared bike paths recently both in Wollongong and the South Coast and I have become increasingly aware of the rising number of Cyclists who do not use a bell on their Bikes when approaching Pedestrians from behind. Many bicycles don't even have a bell. 

Girls and boys and mums and dads whilst riding a bike must alert everyone that they are approaching or overtaking to avoid nasty collisions. 

Authorities should be encouraging all overtaking cyclists to use a bell.

Lyn Jefferis, Figtree

Rules for some of us

Tens of thousands of Australia’s poorest people sent “Please Explain” notices by the government and called “Welfare Cheats” by the minister because the government believes they MAY owe some money.

Hundreds of millionaires and super rich corporations pay no tax at all and that is okay because they can afford  pay accountants and lawyers to tell the government that they don’t need to pay anything. I am not sure our government understands how average Australians feel about this.

Doug Steley, Heyfield

Brilliant ‘do nothing’ plan

Jeffrey D. Sachs, author and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, recently said: “Governments should levy gradually rising carbon taxes, using the revenues to finance low-carbon energy systems.

And the loopholes in the global corporate-tax system should be closed, thereby boosting global corporate taxation by some $200 billion annually, if not more. The added revenues should be allocated to new public investment spending”.

Keeping Sachs economic ideas in mind, what is our government’s plan to tackle air pollution? The plan is to do nothing – except boost profits for oil companies. The government expects oil companies reduce air pollution by increasing refining-processes on crude oil.

And the government’s brilliant “do nothing” plan gives the oil companies the nod to increase fuel prices by producing cleaner fuel. Oh I forgot – someone has to pay for cleaner air pollution – the motorists.

John Macleod, Berry

Best friend misses out

I was heartened to read that Council is going to review the current dog zones,and hope it won’t take too long.

So disappointing that the lovely morning walk starting at the surfclub in Mollymook to Tallwood is spoilt by not being allowed to use the concrete pathway running as far as the inlet with my best friend in tow.

I have never encountered any dog messes on the walkway.

This walk by Mollymook Beach is one of the prettiest in the Shoalhaven and we should all be able to share it.

Ros Vidgen,  Milton


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