Million-dollar crumbed fish

A TURNING TIDE: Narooma resident Suzanne leaps into 2017 with a million dollar Keno win - a turnaround from 2016 where she lost her health, husband and mother.

A TURNING TIDE: Narooma resident Suzanne leaps into 2017 with a million dollar Keno win - a turnaround from 2016 where she lost her health, husband and mother.

Eating her lunch of crumbed fish, Narooma resident Suzanne was calm as she watched ten out of ten Keno numbers come up to win her $1 million.

“I knew it was going to happen,” Suzanne said

“I just absolutely knew.”

The win could not have come at a better time.

Suzanne said 2016 was a terrible year; both her husband and mother died, her son required continuing medical treatment overseas, and she suffered serious illness herself.

“Before that, my thoughts were about saving the planet and instead I had think about saving myself,” Suzanne said.

Suzanne, who did not want her surname used, said she had always been slightly psychic.

“I used to be able to win money for other people.” she said.

“I would get a picture of a person and I would know exactly how much money they needed: I would take five dollars, put it in a machine and come back with that exact amount of money.”

Suzanne said she had dinner at the Narooma Sporting & Services Club a couple of times a week.

“I actually started taking Keno because I sit alone,” Suzanne said.

“I can eat my dinner and look at the screen, and I don’t feel that everyone is looking at me, all alone.

“On Friday I was sitting at home – I never come down for lunch, I come for dinner –  and I just got this incredible urge to have lunch.”

Suzanne decided she would play while eating, using the children’s birthdays as her numbers.

“I was eating my crumbed fish for lunch,” Suzanne said.

“I knew it was going to happen, I just absolutely knew.

“I was calm at the time.

“Afterward I was shaking; I was in shock.”

Suzanne said she wouldn’t actually believe it until the money was in the bank, but that she was very relieved, having mortgaged her house to pay for her medical treatment.

“I am living each day as it comes,” she said. 

“I go up to Sydney next week for all the tests that they do.

“Now I can afford to do it.”

Although Suzanne is pragmatic about her prognosis, “basically, one day I am going to die, and so are you”, she said the horrors of 2016 had taken its toll.

“You lose all of your core points, the things that hold you,” she said.

Suzanne’s son has been seriously ill for four years and needed to travel to Germany for treatment.

“If I can do something to help – employ a house keeper, travel costs, some things like that for him –  that would be fantastic,” she said.

The money would also help her fund projects she was interested in.

“I am really looking forward to going to Centrelink and saying ‘please take me off your books’.”

The 70-year-old had long loved the Eurobodalla, and retired here five years ago.

“We camped every year on the foreshore at Tathra while the kids were growing up,” she said.

“I just knew that this part of the world, somewhere between Batemans Bay and Eden, is where I would live.

“I have owned the property as a holiday home for 16 years.”

Narooma Sporting & Services Club operation manager Brendan Matters said this was the first million-dollar-win in his club’s history.

“Our club is ecstatic that such a well-liked local member has won it,” Mr Matters said. 

“It was wonderful to be involved.”

Suzanne’s win was the second million-plus Keno win in 2017. A 63-year-old office manager won over $1.5 million at the Melton Country Club on Wednesday, January 4.


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