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PIC OF THE DAY: Flynn Meyer snapped this at St Georges Basin on a camera inherited from his grandfather who died in May. Email nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Flynn Meyer snapped this at St Georges Basin on a camera inherited from his grandfather who died in May. Email nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Doors open at Hyams Beach

This time of the year Hyams Beach Village is vibrant and exciting as the sounds of laughter waft from the three beaches that border the village.  I welcome ‘day-trippers’ and hope they enjoy the beautiful public spaces that Hyams Beach offers.

Not all residents “fear their little piece of paradise is being loved to death” (SCR 4/17) and understand that the beaches are public and for all to enjoy.  

I thank the majority of visitors for removing their litter from the beaches.

I thank the Council for quickly responding to the increased volume of litter by providing more and larger bins.

I thank the visitors for their courtesy and friendliness as they make their way to one of our beautiful beaches. 

Welcome and enjoy “the sand that is so clean it squeaks.”

L. Hoskins, Hyams Beach

Sudmalis not to blame

So, it’s reported that the electorate of Gilmore has 2500 pensioners with an average of a $130 reduction and 980 having their pensions cancelled.

The usual cries of foul can be heard but consider this.

I say well done to those in the accumulation of assets outside the family home that precludes them from receiving part or full pensions. 

Along the way I bet they received generous tax benefits ie, Negative Gearing, Superannuation and Trusts aided by clever accountants,tax agents etc, so really they received their entitlements from government during the accumulation phase.

Don’t forget, the fees paid to their clever accountants would also be a tax deduction. Stop the whining guys, if you are in the above groups you are doing alright.

Cannot blame Sudmalis for this one, she should be applauded! 

B. Cumberland, North Nowra 

What’s changed?

It’s a new year but there are still some questions to be asked, re cuts to pensions and welfare and homeless citizens on the streets. But we can still afford to sign a fifty billion dollar contract with a French submarine company.

We can also afford without hesitation to give billions of dollars in tax relief to some of the most successful banks in the world when at the same time cuts are being made to our universal health care system and major cuts to our children's dental service.

But we can afford to give major tax breaks, eg Rupert Murdochs News Ltd ,Gina Rinehart’s Hancock mining and Twiggy Forrest mining and shipping interests, and these people do not employ Australians.

M. Ryan, Fairy Meadow

Self serve a disadvantage

Whenever I visit any of the major Supermarket outlets to push my trolley around and self-serve, I often think about how different shopping once was.

In the 1940/50’s customers of the Co-Operative stores were visited at home by the order man who would write down their grocery needs, two days later these were home delivered.

If you were doing it tough, you still received your order as you could run an account.

The Co-operatives employed plenty of staff in each of their departments. 

Many young people got their introduction to employment via a job at a Co-Op. Granted, back then the Co-Op’s had no “cool rooms” from which to purchase your out of season fruit and vegetables.

No sliced bread or ready cooked Pizzas’ either. Fast forward to the eighties and since and it is a different world completely. 

Now not only do we push trolleys around and serve ourselves; too many of us line up to use the computer rather than manned checkouts.

Yet we complain that our kids cannot find employment!

B. Swan, Balgownie


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