Bushido Judo Club wins 12 medals at Australian titles

Club first: Shoalhaven Heads Bushido Judo Club picked up 12 medals, four of them gold, at the  Australian Championships.
Club first: Shoalhaven Heads Bushido Judo Club picked up 12 medals, four of them gold, at the Australian Championships.

Shoalhaven Heads Bushido Judo Club members came away with four gold medals at the the Australian Championships, the most the club has won in one day. They also picked up  six silver medals and two bronze medals for a total of 12 medals. This was an amazing effort by the seniors and the children, with some of them only having had club tournament experience.

Gold medal winner and coach of the children Danny Fagan won his 11th Australian title, taking the win in the final against his twin brother, Darren.  Until the late 90’s both were in the top 12 in the world and it showed with their display of immaculate judo.

At 48 years of age, Darren and Danny did not want to play in the veterans divisions, their opposition were half their age, and their opponents soon learnt what judo was all about. 

Hiromi Fagan, who also coaches at Bushido, made it a husband and wife double by winning a gold medal and an Australian title from state representatives from NSW, Victoria and South Australia. This was Hiromi’s first tournament in 15 years after competing in the Japanese national team.

This was the first time that a South Coast husband (Danny) and wife (Hiromi) have won Australian titles on the same day. They had five fights each to win the titles.

Max Marshall won an Australian title and the gold medal, beating some experienced competitors from NSW and other states in a hard fought division. Max has an extremely bright future in judo, and surprised everyone by winning such a highly sought after title. 

Huon Last won the other gold medal and Australian title, beating other state representatives with some excellent and fast judo.

This was Daniel Fagan’s first tournament in over 2 years and his first Australian title venture. He was narrowly beaten for first place and had to settle for the silver medal, with the opposition being a lot more experienced and a lot heavier.

Taylor Fagan had not competed in tournaments for over 2 years but he won a silver medal even though beaten in his first fight. He came storming back to beat the opposition with good strong judo to win a silver medal.

Jarla Last won a silver medal and was extremely impressive in her bouts even though suffering with asthma the week before. Jarla has a bright future in girls judo, beating people from other states in a really tremendous effort.

Ryan Lewis won a silver medal, a super effort in a very hotly contested division, Ryan’s attitude never give up was relevant to this division .

Haiden Taylor won a silver medal and was narrowly beaten for first. Haiden had a pretty strong division but he put in a big effort. Haiden is very flexible when he is playing judo which will stand him in good stead.

Oscar Simister won a bronze medal as did Sena Fagan.