The stupidity on our roads has to stop

THE Facebook comment was heartbreaking. 

As the Register reported another crash on Culburra Road on Monday, Darren Morrison, the brother of Scott, who lost his life on the same road on Saturday, wrote the following on our post: “Are you bloody serious, what, it didn’t take the death of my brother Scott Morrison to get people to slow down and take care? STOP WASTING LIVES!”

This cry from the heart, an urgent plea for drivers to stop taking risks, is echoing around the community but still people are endangering themselves and others through their reckless actions on the roads. 

On Monday morning, we had a visit from one of the first people on the scene of Saturday’s terrible collision. He had seen the accident happen and helped pull children from the wreckage. That experience will be seared into his memory for the rest of his life. 

During Monday’s heavy rain our journalists encountered motorists speeding and tailgating, flicking in and out of lanes to get around trucks – while visibility was low and the roads incredibly slippery.

At the height of the rain, we listened as our already stretched police were called to driving complaints, one – incredibly – about a P-plater performing burnouts in a car park while drinking alcohol.

This stupidity has to stop. Too many lives have been lost, too many families torn asunder. 


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