Bluefin out in numbers

ONE word - bluefin.

The bluefin tuna have arrived in numbers, although you may have to travel a long way as they are moving sporadically up and down the coast.

In the past week there have been fish over the 100 kilogram mark caught.

At the time of writing this report there were good numbers of fish off Ulladulla, the odd fish off Jervis Bay and rumours of fish off Kiama.

But the hot action was about 66 nautical miles from the mouth of the Shoalhaven River northeast to just south of Browns Mountain.

The fish were described as epic and phrases such as “once in a lifetime days” were used to describe the fishing.

Cubing with pilchards is giving best results, but make sure you have plenty on board to keep the fish up and active.

Once you have the fish in the trail and feeding try your knife jigs also.

“G” (Gervase), who you may have seen in the shop here over Christmas, and young Chris headed out from Jervis bay on Monday in search of these amazing sportfish.

They were flying somewhat blind, and not knowing of any fish in the area, they pulled up at around 500 fathoms and started cubing.

They had a stroke of luck and managed a fish of around 50 kilograms.

For those interested in catching sharks, they also had a mako of about the 100 kilogram mark swimming around the boat.

So that is the short of the bluefin news.

There is simply too much information to write in a short space so if you need any more, give us a call at the shop or catch up with the shop on Facebook at McCallums Tackle World Nowra.

The next few days should tell more of a story of where the fish are concentrating and hopefully a prediction of where they are headed as there will be plenty of boats on the water with good weather predicted.

If you are an estuary angler and just after a bit of fun and a feed of flatties, the lower Shoalhaven/Crookhaven River reaches has some top notch fishing at present.

Soft plastics in the form of Squidgy Red Bloodworm Wrigglers are working well.

Remember, whatever you do in life, do it well.

Johnny out