Morton and McCauley take out major minor pairs

WINNING WAYS: Major minor winners Craig Morton and Russ McCauley.
WINNING WAYS: Major minor winners Craig Morton and Russ McCauley.

THE Shoalhaven Heads Men's Bowling Club played a split round of the major minor pairs championship on Saturday.

Ted Starr (lead) and Ray Cumberland (skip) played Russ McCauley(lead) and Craig Morton (skip).

The game started slowly but the cold, wet and windy weather soon sped things up a bit.

The score was close with a +four lead to Russ and Craig going into the 21st end Ted and Ray needed a five to win.

Ray and Ted were down one shot and had to move the jack about eight inches to give them the five shots needed to win.

The wind was in Ray’s face as he readied himself on the mat - no pressure here. The delivery was perfect, the wind kept up, so did his bowl.

There are wicks and there are wicks, but today the slight wick with Russ’s bowl deflected Ray’s bowl a whisker - a big enough whisker to move the jack sideways and go down by one shot.

Congratulations to Russ and Craig on their win and tomorrow is the final.

Thank you to all the members of the SHWBC, SHMBC and SBC who played in the club’s promotional day on Sunday morning.

We hope that you are all back for the next one and tell your mates about it.

It was a good day with more than 40 players enjoying themselves and Sunday, was unbelievable - no wind, no rain, just plenty of sunshine.

By start time at 12.30pm the weather had changed a bit with the cold and the wind coming back.

The spectators were in position on the balcony, a rare sight these past few weeks, and the game began with Ray Dudding(lead) and George Winstanley(skip) against Russ McCauley(lead) and Craig Morton(skip).

Craig and Russ won the first end with one shot, then Ray and George won the next few ends, pulling ahead for a 12-6 lead.

By the 15th end the scores were locked at 12-all and then 13-all.

At end 20 the scores were 19 to Russ and Craig and 15 to Ray and George.

Craig called for a short end and the jack was delivered by Russ, followed by a toucher and then Ray sat his bowl right beside it.

George and Ray put their first bowls close and Craig moved the jack away from them all with his second shot.

Russ and Craig were now holding three shots, while George and Ray needed four to win and they all had two bowls to play.

The jack was near the edge of the rink and the third bowl from Russ came down the narrow side and didn't come back into the rink.

Ray’s bowl was short, still a chance for a four, while George drew in nicely still one down.

Craig drew another shot.

Russ and Craig could smell victory but there had been mention of killing the end.

George played his last bowl of the match heading for the jack.

There were a few bowls in the way and George had to be spot on and there was a gap for him to squeeze through.

He had been doing it all day but not this time.

Russ and Craig won the end with a +two giving them victory with a +six. Commiserations to Ray and George who both played well and congratulations to Russ and Craig on their win.

The draw is up for the mixed pairs club championship with games starting next Sunday at 12.30pm and good luck to all teams.

The sheets are up for the mixed fours club championship, which starts in a few weeks.

The Davenport Pairs will be played on Saturday, September 13, starting at 9.30 am.

After game one there will be a light lunch with game two in the afternoon.

We also offer good prize-money, with 32 teams to be accommodated only, get in quick for this ever popular event.

There are still some vacancies left .

Then we have the Wray Owen Jerry Bailey Triples on the agenda and this year the format is changed, with game one to be played on Saturday, October 18 from 12.30 pm and then on Sunday October 19 and after game two there will be a light lunch and then game three in the afternoon.

With plenty of prize-money up for grabs, get in early to secure your spot.

We can only accept the first 32 entries - still room for a few more teams.

Another great incentive by the SHB and RCL, in their development of bowls is to provide, at no cost to new members of the SHB and RCL, who are new to the game of bowls, free coaching by our club coach, Russ McCauley, who will, on the completion of their lessons, be eligible to join the SHWBC or SHMBC for their first year, free of cost.

Contact the men’s and women's bowling clubs for more information.

A big thank-you to the SHB and RCL Clubs for stepping up to provide such an incentive to new bowlers.

This week the notices calling for, nominations for committee positions and notices of motion for the AGM will be placed on the notice board.

This gives all members an ideal opportunity to step up and be part of the committee.

Don't sit back and hope that someone else will do things the way you want it done.

We also have our men’s triples, single entry club selected, every Wednesday starting at 12.30pm.

Fridays we play men’s triples, blind draw, team and single entry starting at 12.30pm.

For Wednesday and Friday games please have your names down before 11am and pay your game fees before 12.15pm.

Sheets are always outside the bowls office or give bowls organiser John a ring on 4448 7154 after 10am Wednesday and Friday or leave a message.

We would also like to extend our get well wishes to our members who are on the sick list and in hospital.

Russ McCauley- Publicity Officer