Brochure encourages people to report offences


The Reporting Crime! “It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” brochure to help people report crime in the local area.

The Reporting Crime! “It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” brochure to help people report crime in the local area.

A NEW initiative to encourage and assist local residents to report crime has been launched on the South Coast.

South Coast MP Shelley Hancock has instigated the Reporting Crime! It’s Everyone’s Responsibility brochure.

Mrs Hancock launched the brochure with Minister for Police and Emergency Services Stuart Ayres during his visit to the region, saying the community campaign was designed to encouraged residents to assist local police by reporting crime.

“Community members have raised concerns saying they were afraid to report crime for fear of repercussions or reprisals,” she said.

“That is a real concern.

“This initiative is about encouraging residents to work with local police by acting quickly to report incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“There are many ways to work with police and provide them with the information required to assist in solving crime and crime prevention.

“The brochure explains how to report crime, what numbers to call.

“There is also a place to keep a diary of incidents that may happen in your community. If there are cars hooning you can document it – record what is happening in your neighbourhood of things concerning you.

“And residents always have the option to remain anonymous.”

The Reporting Crime! It’s Everyone’s Responsibility initiative explains how to report crime through Crime Stoppers, the Police Assistance Line, NSW Graffiti Hotline as well as information on NSW Police Force campaigns such as Project Eyewatch.  

“Steps taken to improve community co-operation with police are paramount in fighting crime,” Mrs Hancock said.

Mr Ayres congratulated Mrs Hancock on the initiative, saying one of the greatest assets police has was information supplied by the public.

“One of the most important things about how the NSW Police Force does its work is its proactive nature and intelligence based crime fighting capabilities and the community plays a really important role in that,” he said.

“The more information the community can report to police the better we can deploy our resources.”



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