Remember to be safe on the rocks

I SEE it but I do not believe it – I’m on holidays and the weather has been beautiful.

Last week I had some good reports and saw photos to prove it of some really good drummer fishing around the ledges of Jervis Bay and Currarong.

Rock fishing for species such as drummer, snapper, luderick, salmon and tailor is a pretty popular winter fishing option for many in our neck of the woods, and we do have some great ledges and areas to do it, but I can’t stress this enough and will keep on repeating myself till I am blue in the face - always think safety first when rock fishing and the two golden rules; never turn your back on the sea and never fish alone.

So now where and when and how to catch these magnificent sport and eating fish.

First you will need a rod around 10 to 12 foot and be able to fish line around the 20 pound mark.

Bait-wise it is hard to go past cabbage which is a nickname for the green cabbage like weed that grows on the rocks in various locations.

Floated under a bobby cork along ledges or around bombies, the drummer find it hard to resist.

Royal red and even cooked prawns also work for bait for drummer but do attract a lot of rubbish and unwanted fish.

South of Jervis Bay Moes Rock and Stoney Creek are popular locations, but remember safety first.

North of the bay, Old Man’s Hat and Little Beecrooft are both stand out locations for drummer fishing, among other species as well.

I have heard of a few good kingfish lurking around these locations of late.

If rock fishing is not your thing and you prefer the boat fishing option, St Georges Basin has been producing some amazing fishing of late including some of the largest tailor I have ever seen.

Well that is it for this week and hopefully while you all are reading this I will be out on the water somewhere tangling with some hot fishing or more than likely untangling my fiance Leslee’s line.

I hope to show you all the photos in next week’s report of the big fish we caught.

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Remember whatever you do in life, do it well.

Johnny out.