‘The terror in people’s screams was evident’

SHOALHAVEN Zoo owner Nick Schilko has told of getting a report of the crocodile attack on the radio and hearing terrifying screams from spectators on Monday.

Mr Schilko rushed to the enclosure as quick as he could after the call.

“The crowds were fearful and the immediate thing I was aware of was the screaming. The terror in people’s screams was evident,” he said.

“I had no idea what I was going to encounter, I just got there as quick as I could to deal with it as it unfolded.

“I didn’t even get into the exhibit before Trent was out of the water and escaped.”

Mr Schilko said apart from being a bit coy the following day it was business as usual for John the crocodile.

“There is no need to change anything,” he said.

Mr Schilko himself has also had a run in with Big John.

“I did a similar thing many years ago and you work out quickly, it’s not what you do,” he said.

“And I haven’t done it since.

“I’ve got back in the enclosure and done the show, no probs.”


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