Abby will always call the South Coast home

STARLET: South Coast starlet Abby Earl from the series A Place to Call Home has big plans for the future.
STARLET: South Coast starlet Abby Earl from the series A Place to Call Home has big plans for the future.

South Coast starlet Abby Earl has a bright future on the cards, with a film and plans to move to Hollywood following the end of her television show, A Place to Call Home.

Ms Earl, who comes from Broulee, said she was flattered by the outpouring of support following the announcement of the show’s cancellation on Channel Seven.

“I’ve known for a while with contacts and I have come to terms with leaving the show and the people I care about,” Ms Earl said.

“I am at peace with the TV series finishing and it was a beautiful experience and I am incredibly lucky to have started my career with such wonderful Australian actors.

“I think like many things practical experience is the best way to learn and I learnt so much on that set.

“They taught me how to be a professional woman and I think I have left with a little more self-confidence.”

A Place to Call Home, set in the 1950s, starred Noni Hazlehurst, Marta Dusseldorp and Brett Climo and was launched only one year ago.

It averaged 1.47 million viewers Australia-wide.

Ms Earl said the demise of the series was a sad turn of events for Australian audiences who loved home-grown drama over reality television.

“There is an element to it that is sad because I think fans are very fond of my character, Anna, and another Australian drama is finishing up, but I have faith that something else will come along on our TV screen,” she said.

“One thing that has struck me about fans of A Place to Call Home, is their love of Australian drama, and for an actress that is very encouraging.”

Ms Earl has started working on an Australian horror film, 8086.

“I feel so privileged and excited that my first feature film will be an Australian one,” she said.

“It really upset me when I read in the media when I was in LA that Abby will be moving to Hollywood implying that I had turned my back on Australia.

“That wasn’t the case at all and I did get a bit emotional about it.”

During her whirlwind trip to Los Angeles Ms Earl attended the Heath Ledger Scholarship dinner and met casting agents and her management team.

She was tight-lipped about prospects on the horizon but did say her plans were “certainly exciting”.

Ms Earl’s plans for the future, while bright, mean her busy schedule will not allow her to return home to Broulee until Christmas.

“I will be very busy with a couple of projects lined up in the coming months,” she said.

“Before I made my trip to LA I did manage to go home and visit my parents.

“It’s great to go home and recharge in the peace and quiet that is Broulee, see my dog and go to the beach.

“Los Angeles was the polar opposite of Broulee, I was so busy with four meetings a day and buzzing from place to place.

“Deep down I’m still a Broulee girl. I remember landing in LA and my managers asking me what I’d like to do now I’m here and I said ‘I’d like to get a burger’.

“There I was with these successful managers sitting eating a burger. That’s how a Broulee girl does LA.”


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