Giant tuna the order of the week

CATCH OF THE WEEK: Danny Turner shows off his giant bluefin from last Thursday’s ventures.

CATCH OF THE WEEK: Danny Turner shows off his giant bluefin from last Thursday’s ventures.

LAST week was pretty well a carbon copy of the one before, and the one before that, and the one before that.

In fact this past month has been, to put it bluntly, rubbish, as far as fishing weather goes, with only the odd day here and there to get out in some sort of comfort.

As I predicted in last week’s report, Thursday was the day to hit the water and venture out wide in search of that elusive tuna.

That is just what Danny Turner and crew did for the maiden voyage of their new boat - and what a way to christen it.

They fished just over the back of the Jervis Bay canyons, and after putting the lures in the water for only several minutes, experienced a fishing trip of a lifetime with all five rods going off as a school of rampaging bluefin smashed through the lure spread.

With only two anglers on board, and not really believing what had just happened, things became pretty hectic pretty quickly.

But after composing themselves and taking a few deep breaths they managed to fight and land two of the fish which were in the 60 to 70 kilogram class.

The word of the bluefin showing up travelled quick through the piscatorial grapevine, but with limited breaks in the weather pattern it made it hard for fishos who were chomping at the bit to get stuck into these magnificent sportfish.

Tuesday morning was really the only break in the weather so there were several boats heading out.

The weather right up until the end of weekend is looking doubtful for fishos to get out wide any other days, so if you are looking for your fishing fix, the river is probably your best option with plenty of flatties still around Broughton Creek to the canal area and a few jewies still poking around the lower reaches near Greenwell Point.

If you do have a reasonable sized boat and do not mind getting smashed by the westerly winds, there have been a few king fish around the cliffs of Currarong and Jervis Bay.

In close along these cliffs is quite sheltered from the wild westerly winds and can lead you into a false sense of security.

Just remember at some stage you do have to go home and therefore head into this wind, which in a small boat can be dangerous.

Finally, a quick mention of the magnificent beach fishing.

On Tuesday, July 1 I went to Blenheim beach at Vincentia and caught the catch of my life.

There was no kissing and throwing this one back as I proposed and got engaged to my now fiancé Leslee Howell.

Well that’s it for another week and remember whatever you do in life, do it well.

Johnny out