Firefighters save nursing home

A FAST response from firefighters saved residents of a Worrigee nursing home who were threatened by a laundry fire on Sunday morning.

Shoalhaven Fire and Rescue were assisted by Greenwell Point Rural Fire Brigade in extinguishing the blaze which ignited at 9.30am at Chesalon in Old Southern Road.

Fire and Rescue station commander Mick Adams said a gas-powered dryer was the source of the fire.

“We responded quickly, if we’d been a minute slower, the fire would have burned up into the roof,” said Mr Adams.

“The fact we got there as quick as we did stopped in spreading into other parts.”

Firefighters evacuated 36 dementia patients through smoke-logged hallways.

Mr Adams said his men were impressed by the quick action of Chesalon staff.

The fire was out in 20 minutes and firefighters isolated the gas.

The laundry was destroyed but there were no injuries to any people.