Sudmalis stands firm in face of collapse in polls

GILMORE MP Ann Sudmalis is standing by the budget as the federal government is hammered in opinion polls. 

TOUGH LOVE: Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis.

TOUGH LOVE: Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis.

A Fairfax Regional Media poll of 3200 people found 60 per cent of respondents would change their vote because of the budget.

Mrs Sudmalis said the response was the Australian people being honest.

“But six months ago the people did change their vote to this government, to fix the mess this country was in,” she said.

Mrs Sudmalis said she knew the budget was going to be hard on her electorate.

“I know there are people locally who will have some financial burden and that will be difficult,” she said.

“But this is national. It’s too hard on Australia to carry six years of accumulated debt.

“If I didn’t believe these changes were necessary I wouldn’t have taken on this job.

“I could see my country going backwards, that was my motivation.”

She said the overriding issue that comes up in her village visits was the $7 Medicare co-payment.

In the regional poll 50 per cent of people said they would visit a doctor less because of the extra fee.

“People think the $7 is added onto all scripts but for pensioners and concession cardholders scripts are only going up by 80 cents.”

She said the fuel excise was also one of the top concerns for regional people.

Mrs Sudmalis raised the issue in a budget briefing because she said the Shoalhaven only had one fuel wholesaler.

“I was reminded in that briefing that the legislation was going through to strengthen the ACCC,” she said.

“I need the community to let me know if fuel prices go up more than 50 cents a tank.”

Mrs Sudmalis said she had delayed her budget response because she wanted to give the electorate some detail about what Gilmore would get.

“I had to wait for the portfolio summary which did not come to me until Thursday,” she said.

“I was going through the budget papers looking for specific items that applied to us.

“I wanted to confirm I got through for Gilmore what I had promised.”

Shoalhaven River Bridge planning $10 million

Gilmore Safety Package 2014-15 $5 million

Dunn and Lewis Memorial Centre $2 million

Round the Bay Pathway Orion section $450,000

Kiama Blowhole harbourside works $400,000

Three skate parks $300,000

Berry School of Arts upgrade $300,000

New equipment purchase $10,000

Men’s Shed Sanctuary Point $10,000


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