Budget 2014: Sanctuary Point pensioners voice their anger

Cyril Grace from Sanctuary Point wants more support for pensioners – not less.

Cyril Grace from Sanctuary Point wants more support for pensioners – not less.

FINDING a pensioner with anything positive to say about the federal Budget is difficult.

A group of pensioners at an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Council event on Wednesday at the St Georges Basin Country Club enjoyed the comfort food and the warmth that flowed around the venue.

The budget, however, did not give them much comfort or warmth.

When asked what the budget delivered for pensioners, many shook their heads and walked on – not wanting to talk about something negative.

Others, like Cyril Grace from Sanctuary Point, were happy to go into detail about their disappointment and concerns.

“There is nothing at all in the budget for pensioners,” he said.

He feared pensioners would find it hard to maintain a reasonable standard of living with fuel and health costs going up.

“It’s going to have a big impact on living costs and it’s going to be for the worst,” he said.

He said a pensioner might have to decide between eating or going to the doctor.

Mr Grace had fears for what his grandchildren would face in the future and he thought certain tradespeople would not be able to work until they were 70.

“So you are a bricklayer, for example, who started work at 16 years of age and by the time you are 45 your back is injured. What are you going to do?”

Chris Wemyss, also from Sanctuary Point, agreed with Mr Grace.

Mr Wemyss said pensioners should be given more money and not be forced to struggle.

“The pension should be $20,000 – not $13,000,” Mr Wemyss said.

He said some of his friends could not even afford to buy a beer.

Mr Wemyss said food prices would go up because the increase in fuel costs will mean businesses will look to cover transport costs, meaning local consumers will take another financial hit.

“I would like to see the politicians live on the money we do,” he said.

Both Mr Wemyss and Mr Grace doubted politicians would survive a week on a pension.


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