Time to get your boats serviced

AS we approach the last month of autumn the weather transition is becoming more evident as the morning warmth from the sun slowly slips away for another season and the coldness of winter begins creeping its way in.

Winter time on the coast for a lot of fishos is rest and maintenance time so it is time to get the boat serviced and make sure all your gear is still functioning to an adequate level after the fish filled summer you have just had. I am not saying that no one goes fishing in winter as there are some great fishing options for the keen fisho willing to rug up and put up with a little cold weather.

Over the last week squid talk is pretty well on everyone’s lips with the waters of Jervis Bay being the number one spot.

Looking above the surface of the bay it does appear quite tranquil, but beneath is a whole different world.

At the moment I would hate to be an underwater resident with the plague proportions of leather jackets in invasion mode and attacking anything that moves, including your $20 squid jigs.

Unfortunately this has become the norm for squid fishos in recent seasons.

The Murrays Beach area is producing most squid.

Just keep in mind the bag limits for squid in the Boderee Park are 10 squid per person instead of 20.

The waters just outside of the bay and to the south are producing plenty of reds, fish of around 1.52 kilogram are quite thick with the odd bigger fish up to four kilograms getting in the mix to keep things interesting.

Stony Creek and the old lighthouse to the south are a good bet for numbers, while closer to the bay’s entrance, middle ground and Longnose Bombie have been producing the slightly better fish.

A few small kingfish have also been around the bay this last few days, but with only a few legal sized fish in among, it is a lot of time on water to catch a couple of legal fish for the table.

The beach fishing has been going gang busters through autumn and is continuing to improve.

The water temperature is still around 22 degrees so there are plenty of fish still on the bite.

Late nights on the beach are still the prime time for catching that once in a lifetime fish, or that elusive jewfish we all strive to catch.

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Johnny out.

KING OF THE WATER: Lachlan Gubb displays an average sized kingfish from the local waters.

KING OF THE WATER: Lachlan Gubb displays an average sized kingfish from the local waters.