Valley juniors combine for fierce attack

IT was another close weekend of games at the Bernie Regan Sporting Complex for the Shoalhaven Hockey Association.

Saturday’s games started with Allsorts against St Georges Basin in the junior competition. 

The game started strong as both teams utilised possession and combinations to make their way up the hockey 5 field. 

It stayed this way until the third quarter, when St Georges Basin pulled ahead. 

For Allsorts, Cara Haupt, Cooper Perry and Saxon Perry played crucial roles, while Matthew Brett, Joshua Rickwood and Wade Hands were play-makers for St Georges Basin. 

The final score of this was 7-4 St Georges Basin’s way, with goals going to Mikala Rickwood, Joshua Rickwood, Matthew Brett, Jhie Cushan, Tristan Roberts (2) and Wade Hands. 

For Allsorts, Cooper Perry scored three, while Lucia Edwards scored one. 

The final junior game for the day was played against Bluejays and Kangaroo Valley. 

Kangaroo Valley started the game in a dominant fashion as they were able to pull ahead 4-nil within the first quarter. 

Bluejays’ Scott Crisafi came on the field early in the second quarter and was able to put one on the board for Bluejays within 30 seconds.

From this point on, Bluejays and Kangaroo Valley went back and forth with goals until the score was 4-all. 

That was the moment when Kangaroo Valley’s players, James Hayes, Joe Cuttler and Sophie Jones started to play their triangle structure, giving them plenty of attacking options. 

Kangaroo Valley managed three more goals and took the win 7-4. 

Daniel Ball and Kye Jones played exceptionally well for Bluejays. 

Goal scorers for Valley included Joe Cuttler (5), James Hayed and Fergus Priest, while Bluejays’ goals scorers were Scott Crisafi (2) and Daniel Ball (2). 

The first men’s game of the day saw Burrawang come up against the strong Shoalhaven Heads outfit. 

With equal scoring opportunities, Burrawang and Shoalhaven Heads were both going hard. 

Matt Druett, in goals for Shoalhaven Heads, played exceptionally well, communicating with his fellow players throughout the game. 

With the defensive help from Peter Hackney, Shoalhaven Heads were able to outlet the ball to their midfield players, Jordan Butfield and Dave Bolt, who were then able to pass it on to their strong attacking strength in Aaron Smith and Matt Liddicoat. 

Burrawang saw youngers Blake Hill and Sam Bromfield step up in attack, accepting the challenge presented by the Shoalhaven Heads defence. 

With Jon Hill and Noel Bromfield assisting from the back, Burrawang were able to keep their game short. 

With a final score of 4-2, Burrawang gathered the points. 

Aaron Smith and Matt Liddicoat were the goal scorers for Shoalhaven Heads, while Blake Hill (2) and Sam Bromfield (2) found the back of the goals for Burrawang. 

Bluejays faced off against reigning premiers, Allsorts at the 2.30pm timeslot. 

With eight players apiece, the game play was stretched with players running out of puff easily. 

Bluejays attempted to keep their preferable short game play, but Allsorts were able to make the breakaway plays using Aaron Lloyd and Myles Burke to slot two goals away early. 

Bluejays came back into the game just before half-time with a goal to Luke Edwards. 

The second half saw a similar game play however Allsorts seemed to be controlling the majority of play. 

Allsorts were able to slot home two more goals through Aaron Lloyd and Lauren Duncan, while Bluejays were able to keep their chances going with goals to Liam Connolly and Michael Dun. 

The game ended with a 6-3 win to Allsorts. 

Kangaroo Valley played St Georges Basin in the final men’s game of the day. 

Kangaroo Valley controlled the majority of the play with players such as Matt Harford, Daniel Knapp and Tom Jennings slotting ball through to attacking players Dave Antiss and Alexz Crawford. 

St Georges Basin’s Vaughan Macdonald showed his experience and skill as he was able to read the game well, taking some of the pressure off Basin’s goalkeeper, Scott Gee.

Young Liam Doolin played well as he used his long reach to make critical touches, preventing Kangaroo Valley from gaining further ground. 

Matt Harford, Dave Antiss, Joe Cuttler and John Smart were all able to come off with goals for Kangaroo Valley whilst Adam Norton was St Georges Basin’s only goal scorer. 

Kangaroo Valley won this game with a 4-1 result. 

Shoalhaven Heads Maroon came up against St Georges Basin White in the first women’s game of the day. 

Feeding the ball to Sharon Walters up front, St Georges Basin were able to come away with a win of two goals. 

Shoalhaven Heads Maroon had plenty of scoring opportunities, but unfortunately for them, Wendy Williams was playing a great game in goals for St Georges Basin. 

Both teams fought hard and through Melissa Shultz and Tracey Casinelli, Basin had a large portion of the possession. 

With a result of 2-nil, Basin were able to come out with their second win of the season. 

Allsorts Orange came up against Shoalhaven Heads Blue in the 7pm timeslot.

Rachael Frew, Merindah Backer and Rachelle Kennedy were the main game players in Allsorts’ 5-nil win over Shoalhaven Heads Blue with goals going to Rachel Frew, Rachelle Kennedy, Lauren Duncan and Tenille Newton. 

Shoalhaven Heads crucial players included Anne Boatswain, Peta Griffin and Anna Shalala. 

Allsorts Green kept up with the benchmark set by fellow club mates, Allsorts Orange, when they faced St Georges Basin Red under the lights, in the last game of the day. 

With a 7-nil thrashing over St Georges Basin, Allsorts players Peta Brooks, Christina Yu and Toby Bacchus played vital roles. 

Sharna McIlwain, Kirsty and Ashby and Sharon Walters did the best they could to assist the Basin Red team, however the power from Allsorts Green was far too strong. 

Goal scorers for the Green Team included Peta Brookes (2), Kristy Clement, Christina Yu, Toni Parrish, Eleanor Todd and Vanessa Lloyd.

St Georges Basin White played Shoalhaven Heads Maroon in a catch-up game on Wednesday. 

In a close game, Shoalhaven Heads came off with a win, with a goal through Michelle Nellestein. 

Both teams showed a strong outfit with Kim Matheson, Ashlee Williams and Wendy Williams all playing great games for St Georges Basin. 

Strong Heads’ players Tracey Casinelli, Raz Morgan and Nicole Stone played crucial roles in their teams win.

BALL ROLLING: Kangaroo Valley’s James Hayes tries to stop Bluejays’ Danny Ball in their teams’ clash on Saturday.

BALL ROLLING: Kangaroo Valley’s James Hayes tries to stop Bluejays’ Danny Ball in their teams’ clash on Saturday.


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