Time to tackle illegal dumping

DESPITE ongoing efforts illegal dumping continues to be a problem in the Shoalhaven.

Shoalhaven City Council has attempted to tackle the issue using its ranger services (previously known as the Illegal Dump Squad).

But it hasn’t deterred dumpers in certain areas.

North Nowra’s Crams Road has also been highlighted by some local residents as a dumping hot spot in bush tracks near “Big Red”.

A resident for 22 years, Shirley Roth said she never gets the chance to see anyone dumping rubbish but sees plenty of rubbish on the track.

“They wouldn’t dump the rubbish in their backyard but they dump it in someone elses,” Ms Roth said.

“It does frustrate you when you drive out your driveway and see furniture like lounges and old televisions and general rubbish dumped directly across from you.

“I don’t know why they do it. I guess they come down that road and must think it’s deserted and just drop their stuff off there instead of paying at the tip.”

Ms Roth said she and her husband even found what they suspected to be stolen goods dumped in the area just six-months-ago.

“Once we found a whole heap of wartime photos and memorabilia down there. We reported it to the police,” she said.

Ms Roth said she feels as though there isn’t a lot that can be done about illegal dumping when you don’t knowwho did it.

“It always happens in the middle of the night and they can’t block the road off to stop it,” she said.

“The kids go to the river to jump off “Big Red” and they are constantly throwing McDonalds rubbish out their car windows. It’s always McDonalds rubbish I see littered down the road.”

KS Electrical owner Kim Sutherland said people don’t use the bins supplied near the river and also sneak into the bush to dump various items across bush walking track.

“They dump stuff like microwave ovens, television sets, washing machines and general rubbish,” he said.

“The place they dump is a bit obscured from view so I never see them do it.

“It’s a nice spot for a bushwalk and the rubbish spoils it.”

Shoalhaven City Council ranger manager Mike Jarman said council had a higher success rate than other councils in finding the culprits.

“But despite this, local neighbourhoods are still suffering from the affects of rubbish pollution,” he said.

Mr Jarman said they were looking at a particular problem area around West Nowra, near Depot Road and Flatrock Road, where the dumping of household rubbish and building site rubbish had been significant.

Mr Jarman said the continuation of the work Council Ranger Services can offer depenedd on funding they hope to obtain from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) this year.

“We are currently in consultation with the EPA to gain funding for resources for our illegal dumping investigation services and education programs for the community and holiday makers,” he said.

“We are also looking at the area off Quinns Lane in South Nowra.

“We find people dump household rubbish when they move house and they often empty their trailer or car boot in the bush.

“We also find there is an increase in incorrect disposal of items and littering in holiday peak periods in areas including Moona Moona Creek, Vincentia and Hyams Beach and this is also what we are targeting now.”

Mr Jarman said council received a lot of complaints of illegal dumping however he believes they are far above other councils in how they investigate and take action.

“This is why we continue to receive funding, because we are quite successful in catching dumpers,” he said.

“The EPA has encouraged council to be more proactive and from further funding we are hoping to use more resources in investigations.

“This means we will be putting more emphasis on illegally dumped building waste.”

If you would like to report a matter of illegal dumping contact the Shoalhaven City Council on 4429 3433 or the after hours number on 4421 3100 and an on call officer will respond.

JUST RUBBISH: North Nowra’s Crams Road resident Shirley Roth can’t understand why people would spoil the beautiful bushland near her home to illegally dump general rubbish and household goods.

JUST RUBBISH: North Nowra’s Crams Road resident Shirley Roth can’t understand why people would spoil the beautiful bushland near her home to illegally dump general rubbish and household goods.


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