‘Focus on business, not unions’

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott should concentrate on the banks and big corporations rather than going on a political witch-hunt with a royal commission into the building and construction industry, according to South Coast Labour Council secretary Arthur Rorris.

“If the Prime Minister thinks it’s value for money to plunge tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars for a political witch-hunt, then it’s up to him to justify why he’s spending it there and not, for example, into an inquiry to the tens of thousands of jobs lost in Australia in the car manufacturing and general manufacturing sector, which is going to touch every regional community in Australia,” Mr Rorris said.

“Let’s be clear, there is no room for corruption in the trade union movement or for that matter in parliament, the corporate sector or anywhere else.

“If the criteria for a royal commission is systematic criminal behaviour and the defrauding or misappropriation of funds then perhaps Mr Abbott might start with the big banks and the big corporations that brought us the global financial crisis which has cost and continues to cost us all so dearly.”


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