Not everyone welcomes the show’s monstrous noise

WHILE the action at the EMT Events Monster Truck and FMX Freestyle Show at the Nowra Showground on Saturday evening might be spectacular, one local resident has raised some concerns.

Cathy O’Grady, who lives in nearby West Street, said the noise generated by the show was enormous.

“Last year’s show shook the windows in our house,” she said.

“Our dog was, as were other animals in the area, extremely distressed.

“And we, as residents, didn’t receive any notification or a letterbox drop to let us know the show was being staged.

“The show has a huge impact on local residents.

“The noise may have been at acceptable levels within the showground and maybe not too bad for spectators, but it travels so far and is unacceptable for the nearby residents, who are all local ratepayers.”

Ms O’Grady said she contacted both the after-hours Shoalhaven City Council phone number and police to complain about the noise during last year’s show but received no feedback.

“Council may have thought it was a great event with lots of people turning up but for nearby local residents it certainly wasn’t,” she said.

“We live next to the showground and put up with a number of events but this was horrific.”

Rusty Bell, of EMT Events, said while the noise from the monster trucks and the show might be loud it was within acceptable levels.

“EMT has just returned from Canberra, which is one of the strictest locations on noise in the country. Official noise testing was carried out and we passed the EPA tests.

“Each truck only operates for short bursts during the show and the EPA readings over the duration of a 15 minute show were the same as a semi-trailer travelling on the highway.

“A lot of the time the crowd, enjoying themselves, is louder than the noise from the trucks.

“We aim to bring great family entertainment to regional Australia and in the process, try to keep everyone happy along the way.”

Mr Bell advised any residents with animals around the Nowra Showground precinct on Saturday evening to keep them inside between 6 and 9pm or chained up. 

“Traditionally, it is the fireworks that upsets the dogs,” he said.

Spectators are reminded there is free on-site parking at the Nowra Showground during Saturday’s show.


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