Strapped into the belly of the beast

THEY’RE big, they’re loud, but they’re also exhilarating.

I was lucky enough to get a ride in one of the monster trucks that will perform in Saturday’s Nowra show.

Under the guidance of Australia’s leading monster truck driver Troy Garcia, who

usually drives The Convict, I was treated to a spin in Extreme.

Just getting on board the three metre tall, 

4.5-tonne monster is an effort and you have to be something of a 


But once seated and strapped in, Troy fired up the metal munching monster, and while we didn’t undertake any of his car jumping antics, the ride was certainly an eye opener.

The raw power from the supercharged 540 cubic inch big block Chevy motor, which produces more than 1500 horsepower, was incredible.

As we “cruised” around Nowra Showground, the manoeuvrability of the big beast was a surprise and at one stage when Troy “gave it some gas” we were certainly sat back in our seats as the power took over.

The noise was ear splitting – without ear plugs I could feel the inside of my ears actually vibrating.

Earlier he had undertaken three passes, jumping and crushing two cars – come Saturday night that will be up to 12 for drivers to contend with.

As Troy puts it, “It’s a totally adrenalin driven sport”.

And even in my short time in the car I could see why.


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