Shoalhaven Heads Maroon searching for a strong win

St Georges Basin v Allsorts – 10am – juniors 

TO start the day off, St Georges Basin will play Allsorts for the final time this year. 

St Georges Basin will come into the game strong as they intend to maintain form before the finals. 

This game will be used to work on passing and communication throughout the team before the grand final. 

St Georges Basin’s consistency throughout the season has been impeccable and with players such as Liam Dooley, Louis Cameron and Sarah Kenny, this is expected. 

Allsorts will use this game to try to finally match the Basin team as they show off their newly profound skills and passing techniques. 

Payton Roberts and Cara Haupt have both been strong players for the Allsorts outfit during the season and they are both expected to play significant roles during this game. 

While dependable players Cooper Perry, Tristan Roberts and Thomas Jelavic are all anticipated to play great games. 

Bluejays v The Hockeyroos – 11.30am – juniors 

BLUEJAYS will play the Hockeyroos team this week at 11.30am. 

The Hockeyroos are a combined team of players from the junior competition and will be difficult to beat this week as combinations and friendships have been made between junior competitors in the competition. 

But Bluejays will push forward and will be looking for the net as Sienna Turner, Daniel Ball and Madeline Gaffney attempt to control their attacking half. 

This game should also be used to work out the kinks in their game plan as they are only weeks away from taking on St Georges Basin in the grand final. 

Bluejays v Kangaroo Valley – 1pm – men 

A VITAL game for Kangaroo Valley this week as they take on current fourth position Bluejays.

As both teams are guaranteed positions in the final, the pressure is still on for Kangaroo Valley as a loss could possibly mean losing their second position on the competition table. 

Losing this position could mean losing a second chance in the finals series. 

Bluejays will be looking to uphold their form shown in the last two weeks. 

Based on how they have playing, their performance has peaked at the right time. 

This makes it difficult for players Mitch Wilson and Nick Simmons as they may have to re-adjust in order to win. 

Dennis Smart and Michael Dun will be looked for by Bluejays defenders Andrew Pullen and Liam Connelly as they will use their short sharp passing to get through the Kangaroo Valley defence. 

Big hitters, Dan Knapp and Sean Fletcher will be looking to catch them off guard and deliver the ball quickly to their high strikers Dave Anstiss and Alexz Crawford. 

St Georges Basin v Burrawang – 2.30pm – men 

THE 2013 minor premiers, Burrawang, will face off against St Georges Basin. 

In St Georges Basin’s last game of the season, a good game is expected from all players as they showcase their improvement throughout the season. 

Youngsters Henry Taylor-Denning and Michael Jarrett should be commended on how well they have adapted to seniors as both were juniors as of last year. 

Other young guns Thomas Dolby and Liam Dooley have been able to taste senior hockey before getting too old for the junior competition. 

For Burrawang, the consistent likings of Jack Donovan, Sam Bromfield and Sean Cross are expected to play major roles, while Jesse Mauger is anticipated to make some great saves in goals. 

Shoalhaven Heads Maroon searches for a win

Allsorts v Shoalhaven Heads – 4pm – men 

IN the 4pm game slot, Allsorts come up against Shoalhaven Heads, who will also be playing for the last time this year. 

As only a newly formed extension to the club, Shoalhaven Heads has managed to come into the men’s competition and create a stir. 

With a mixture of experienced players and newcomers into men’s hockey, Shoalhaven Heads should be praised on the way they have carried themselves throughout the competition. 

Even though they have only been able to snatch one win, Heads have come into each game with a “can do” spirit. 

But Allsorts will be looking for the win as this is their last chance to move up the rankings in the competition ladder. 

If Kangaroo Valley are to lose against Bluejays in the 1pm game and Allsorts are to win this game, Allsorts would move to second position and play in the major semi-final against minor premiers Burrawang. 

But if a loss occurs, they are destined to face off against Bluejays next week. 

Shoalhaven Heads players Matt Druett, Ian Szymoniczek and Jayden Casinelli, will have their hands full as they will try to counteract the strength of a full-powered Allsorts attack. 

Allsorts are expected to have the win, but Shoalhaven Heads have beat them before and cannot be ruled out of this match. 

Allsorts Green v Shoalhaven Heads Maroon – 5.30pm – women 

WITH only two more weeks left in the women’s competition, Shoalhaven Heads Maroon are still searching for a win. 

They are hoping this weekend’s game against Allsorts Green will be the week. 

In saying that, Allsorts Green are not known for giving up easily and will place as much pressure on the Shoalhaven Heads outfit as possible. 

Heads players, Nicole Stone and Kirsten Thone, are expected to play important roles, while Allsorts’ Mel Boundy, Rachel Frew and Vanessa Phelan are likely to  have good games in their respective positions. 

St Georges Basin v Allsorts Orange – 7pm – women 

UNDER the lights St Georges Basin will come up against Allsorts Orange. 

Being now guaranteed a finals position, St Georges Basin should be using this game as a trial run as they now work out a game plan against the other Allsorts team. 

Allsorts Orange will be looking to hold on to their undefeated status as they wish to continue their winning streak. 

St Georges Basin women, Jodie Newman and Kirsty Ashby have been playing exceptionally well in defence for the Basin squad lately and are anticipated to carry this form into this weekend’s game. 

The same can be said for Toni Parrish, Eleanor Dodd and Toby Bacchus for Allsorts. 

This will be St Georges Basin’s last competition game before facing Allsorts Green in the final. 

It is vital that they work together and sample different game plans, to find the right one to come up against Allsorts Green with in two weeks’ time.

GREAT CHASE: Shoalhaven Heads’ Danielle Hennings chases the ball with Allsorts’ Toby Bacchus in Allsorts’ 4-nil win last weekend.  	Photo: ROB CRAWFORD

GREAT CHASE: Shoalhaven Heads’ Danielle Hennings chases the ball with Allsorts’ Toby Bacchus in Allsorts’ 4-nil win last weekend. Photo: ROB CRAWFORD


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