Flooding nightmare not over for Erowal Bay

IN August there was light at the end of the tunnel for residents of a low-lying and flood affected section of Kallaroo Road, Erowal Bay.

The road has a creek running through it and residents claimed road works on the other side of the waterway were causing an increase in flooding of their properties.

After an ongoing campaign by residents which involved local media, Shoalhaven City Council recognised the problem and started to rectify it.

That light is fading however for Bill and Sue Jobling, who have suffered significant flooding in the street since 2001.

Earlier in the year council started to build a large earthen bund designed to hold back most of the water from the upper, eastern side of Kallaroo Road.

Council asset construction manager Michael Dale said it was designed to keep the water in the creek on the far side of the bund from the houses most affected.

“This is built to withstand a one in 10-year flood,” he said.

“It is expected to stop the large amounts of water, which it is hoped will then give the water from the street somewhere to go.”

However Mr Jobling recently contacted the South Coast Register with concerns that following recent storms in the region his property flooded as it always had.

“I don’t know if they have finished the job, or what. One day they just packed up and left and they haven’t been back.

“If it is finished I can tell you it doesn’t work,” Mr Jobling said.

Shoalhaven City Council asset construction manager Michael Dale said the eastern end of the bund wall was not finished.

The project had stalled because the next section of the bund would impact significantly on one person’s property.

“The residents of 26 Kallaroo contacted us saying they did not want to look out their back window and see a bund wall, and that is understandable,” Mr Dale said.

He said while work at the site had stopped, council flood engineers were working on flood modelling and examining other options.

“We’ve been doing design work to try to avoid building the bund on their property.

“It involves flood modelling and the process of sorting through different concepts, which takes quite a bit of time,” he said.

 “We are getting near the end of that now though.

“The next step is to look at it with the resident and look at compromises.

“I am hoping to do that before the end of this month.

“Once we know exactly what we can do, then we can then go in and finish the job.

“However depending on the solution that’s found we may need to find more money, which could be another hiccup.

“That is the reason there has been a stall in the process and we haven’t finished the end of the bund wall.

“When we do complete the bund it will stop the nuisance flooding Mr Jobling gets once or twice a year,” Mr Dale said.

FALSE START: The Register reported what was thought to be a resolution of the issue in August.

FALSE START: The Register reported what was thought to be a resolution of the issue in August.


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