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PIC OF THE WEEK: Shoalhaven Bridge by Hugh Bellis. See more of Hugh's work on Instagram @hughbellis. Submit entries via Facebook, email or Instagram.

PIC OF THE WEEK: Shoalhaven Bridge by Hugh Bellis. See more of Hugh's work on Instagram @hughbellis. Submit entries via Facebook, email or Instagram.

Biggest challenge is jobs

For many years Kangaroo Valley has been a Greens stronghold but I'm delighted to see that greater Shoalhaven has decided to get on board and give the Green train a go with the election of Amanda Findley as mayor.

Amanda will be an excellent mayor but the road ahead will not be smooth sailing.  

Notwithstanding the fact that Cr Watson's preferences got her over the line, many battles loom between the Greens’ anti-development faction and Cr Watson's develop-the-lot approach.

There will be calls from the Greens membership for cycleways, recycling stations, parks and all the other pet issues they rightly hold dear to their hearts but they should be reminded that the biggest issue facing the Shoalhaven is jobs, particularly for our young people.

If they are “green” jobs so much the better but job creation should be the number one priority. It's something that has eluded our federal, state and local representatives for many years, so if this council under Mayor Findley's stewardship can crack the code she will be mayor for many years.

G. Richardson, Kangaroo Valley 

Beware of bitumen bandits

I've just been sent an alert by the Berry Forum about a scam being played out all along the coast. Since this letter is going out to all community members I will just cut and paste here.

"I would like raise an alert for the very urgent attention of the forum and in particular rural residents of Berry in regard to a matter that has just been raised by a local community member, which we believe to be a scam.

“A rural resident of Berry came into the community visitor centre late this afternoon, stating that she had been approached by a man with an English/Irish accent who claimed to be a Fulton Hogan subcontractor who had just ‘completed his contracted works’ and was due to return to Queensland but had a good deal of excess bitumen product left over and would be willing to pave her driveway cheaply to use up the excess. 

“This is a scam that has been known to occur up the eastern seaboard and I would appreciate you warning the good residents of Berry.

“These people are in no way affiliated with Fulton Hogan or the Princes Highway Upgrade – Foxground and Berry Bypass project. The price quoted to the lady as ‘discounted’ was actually severely inflated and by a quick Google search, it appears there is a sad history of people being ripped off by these so-called ‘bitumen bandits’.

T. Edmond, Brogers Creek

Loneliness a side effect

During Dementia Awareness Month, which runs throughout September, Alzheimer’s Australia is calling for greater awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition feel less isolated and alone.

There are more than 353,000 Australians with dementia and an estimated 1.2 million people involved in the care of someone with dementia. In the South Coast electorate there are an estimated 1,550 people living with dementia. That figure is projected to increase to about 3000 by 2050.

A survey just released by Alzheimer’s Australia has found that people with dementia are almost twice as likely to have high rates of loneliness, and people with dementia and carers are significantly more lonely than the general population.

We hear repeatedly that when someone is diagnosed with dementia, friendships and some family relationships suddenly disappear because people simply don’t know how to interact with their friend or loved one with dementia.

Treating people with the same respect, kindness, inclusiveness and thoughtfulness you always have is what makes a difference to them. They are still the same person they were before the diagnosis. They just may need a little bit more time and support.

J. Watkins, Alzheimer’s Australia, H. Brodaty, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing

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