Return of a Cambewarra classic

ROXY Cinema owner Bob Brainwood’s passion for classic films resulted in a little-known local film from the 1960s making it back to the big screen last month.

Adam’s Woman, starring Beau Bridges, was filmed in Cambewarra in 1969, and it was a Cambewarra crowd who filled the Roxy for the rescreening.

“It was mainly the people from Cambewarra who came to see it,” Mr Brainwood said.

“The audience absolutely loved it and it was great chatting to them about it afterwards.

“Some of them remembered going into the farm at West Cambewarra where it was filmed.

“There was a lady who had Beau Bridges stay at her house and I think a couple of other people said they were extras in the movie,” he said.

Mr Brainwood, who is always on the search for old-time movies, came across a privately owned copy of Adam’s Woman on the internet.

“I tracked it down to an owner in Spain and eventually imported it.

“As soon as I saw it I thought that was the strangest place to find it, but I thought it would still have a local feel.

“For some reason though there are a lot of movies in Spain from the 1950s and 1960s that never got released to other parts of the world.

“I remember showing the movie in about 1984, I got a 16mm print from Sydney.

“That was the only print available and it wasn’t in the best condition.

“In those days Cambewarra sold out the theatre.”

Mr Brainwood is continuing to run classic films with fully restored copies of Oklahoma, Sound Of Music and South Pacific coming up.

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