Big ideas come from the small schools

GREAT orators beware!

A group of students from Shoalhaven’s small schools are now on the speaking circuit.

The Small Schools’ Public Speaking Competition was held on Wednesday, with speeches delivered by students from years 3-4 and 5-6.

It proved a tough time for adjudicators Anne Sippo and Rob Currie.

Students from host school Shoalhaven Heads, Terara, Nowra Hill, Kangaroo Valley, Greenwell Point and Falls Creek were given five different topics from which to choose: “Money isn’t everything (agree or disagree)”; “My greatest inspiration is”; “Education is the key to success”; “If I was Prime Minister for a day”; and “Advertising influences our food choices (agree or disagree)”.

If I was Prime Minister was a popular topic and Prime Minister Julia Gillard would do well to listen to some of our local students, who all came up with interesting ideas if they were ever given the chance to lead the country for a day.

Shoalhaven Heads student Josie Maddinson was particularly impressive in the years 3-4 section, saying as PM she would look into the funding of education, investigate petrol pricing and set an upper level, pass laws to prevent cyber bullying on Facebook and bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

Education being the key to success also proved popular.

The excellent presentations continued in the years 5-6 section, with all students providing inspirational speeches.

Terara Public principal Rod White said the Small Schools’ Public Speaking Competition continued the great interaction between the area’s small schools.

“As small schools we get together and compete at athletics carnivals, cross-country and swimming carnivals and last year we initiated the public speaking competition,” he said.

“It has proved very popular. Being able to speak in public is a great skill for our students to learn.”

The years 3-4 section was won by Iszi Crawford of Terara Public.

Second was Allira Smith (Greenwell Point); third was Josie Maddinson (Shoalhaven Heads), while highly commended was Holly Boyle (Kangaroo Valley).

The years 5-6 section was won by Isabella Moore from Kangaroo Valley Public.

Kangaroo Valley completed a clean sweep with Molly Good (second) and Jack Higgins (third), while highly commended was Zoe Milakovic from Falls Creek.

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