Royal row: he says she says

Gill says:

Let’s not indulge these bitter royal killjoys.

Kate, Wills and baby George are flawless – what’s not to love?

Unlike most high profile couples who visit Australia to sightsee and party, the royals have been spreading joy and love all over the country as a happy little family.

In the days where “celebrities” are gallivanting around sullen and half naked, there is no harm in a respectable role model for young women.

Just like my grandmother collected all the magazine covers with Princess Di, so do I marvel at how the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to enchant the women of generation X, Y and Z.

In the case of the royals, more is definitely more!

 Pat says:

Hate is a strong word and it’s not the one I would use to describe the royals.

Actually, I have nothing against Will or Kate and it wouldn’t really be fair to have an issue with George. I see their basic appeal: Kate is a good sort, George is cute and Will seems like a nice bloke, but what I don’t understand is why we’re so obsessed with them.

Are we really that interested in the monarchy or is it just because we like the way Kate dresses? Everyone in the world was watching when they got married, but then all anyone was talking about was how good Pippa’s arse looked in that dress.

For me, I would much rather meet my childhood sporting hero, favourite actor or musician who has actually had some kind of influence on my life than a glamour couple who excel at smiling and waving. But hey, maybe my priorities are completely out of whack!

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