Family affair at Shoalhaven Open

SHOALHAVEN Heads Bushido Judo Club members competed in the Shoalhaven Open Judo Championships at the Bomaderry Basketball Centre on April 6.

Over 600 people attended the day, which was also a selection for the Australian Titles.

Shoalhaven Heads Bushido Judo Club won 12 medals.

Shoalhaven Heads Bushido Judo coach and event organiser Bruce Fagan said that when he first started the tournament 15 years ago there was about 40 to 50 contestants, but now it has grown out of proportion and the Bomaderry Basketball Stadium is now getting too small to hold the tournament.

In the senior men’s Danny Fagan came third.

Danny is a black belt from Shoalhaven Heads and competed in his first tournament in 15 years.

Danny was a 10 time Australian Champion and won Oceania titles.

He was second in the Quebec Open and the Pac Rims and other International tournaments, and finished in the top 12 at four World Titles.

His training included living in Korea, Japan around Europe and the USA with his twin brother, Darren Fagan.

“Even though fighting much younger men at this tournament, Danny was faster and as smooth as silk as if he had never stopped competing all those years ago,” Bruce Fagan said. 

“He beat the opposition without raising one drop of sweat. One opponent said to me ‘I didn’t know he had a hold of me until I was thrown on the flat of my back’.”

Danny won this division easily with his twin brother Darren Fagan coaching him.

Both teach the judo classes at Shoalhaven Heads.

Berry’s Tinka Easton went up a division in the women’s and won. 

Club member Shekea Potter from Shoalhaven Heads fought in her first women’s tournament and won third place.

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