Bernard shakes up the art world

BERRY’S renowned artist and Parkinson’s disease sufferer Bernard McGrath opened his latest exhibition in Sydney to a packed crowd.

His show, Shaken, a series of 25 artworks was swamped with attendees and 20 per cent of proceeds from the exhibition went directly to the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Mr McGrath said.

“I have sold 15 of the 25 works on display, which I have been advised is an excellent result in the current market.”

Mr McGrath said tremors and shakes were common symptoms of Parkinson’s and was the main idea behind his display.

“I will often shake a canvas while the paint is wet, forming different shapes and textures,” he said.

Mr McGrath said he had no formal artistic training and attributes his talents to a deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedure he underwent in 2008, which treated the main symptoms of advanced Parkinson’s.

“I believe this procedure also stimulated the right side of my brain, as prior to the operation I appreciated art, but did not demonstrate any artistic ability,” he said.

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