‘My street is a drag strip’

A CAR went through the fence of a home in Ernest Street, Nowra on Friday afternoon, after its owner Dean Morgan pleaded with the Shoalhaven Mayor Joanna Gash and police to have speeding cars targeted.

Mr Morgan reported the car to police, which lost control around McDonald Avenue, ploughing through his front yard, causing extensive damage.

Clearly shaken by the incident, Mr Morgan said he has insisted speed humps be put along the street, which is like a “drag strip”.

“My two-year-old son plays behind this fence,” he said.

“I just want speed humps put in.”

Mr Morgan phoned Shoalhaven City Council about the matter in November and in response received a letter asking him to notify police of any speeding activities.

“The police told me to sit out the front and take down numberplates,” he said.

“I have a full-time job. I don’t have the time to spend all day outside.

“I wrote to Joanna Gash on December 27 last year and I’ve never received a response.

“My concern is for the kids, there are four here and another four across the street and down the road.

“I’ve seen many kids nearly get taken out by speeding cars and the speeding isn’t just happening once a week, it’s every day.

“I just want the council to respond by doing something about this.”

Mr Morgan phoned police shortly after the incident at 1.30pm, then again at 2pm and 2.48pm when they arrived at 2.55pm, Mr Morgan said he had tracked down the alleged car himself.

“In [the driver’s] defence, he said he would have it fixed,” Mr Morgan said.

“But I said, ‘I hope you have learned a lesson here today’, because he could have killed my son.”

Ernest Street, Nowra is a 50 km/h zone yet has no speed limit marked.

Police said the accident was a P5, meaning they help exchange details but did nothing else as no injuries or intoxicated people were involved.

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