Young people help devise attitude adjustment

THE behaviour of the region’s youth might start to change with the launch of a new program aimed at improving attitudes.

The Nowra Youth Protocol is a set of guidelines for people to follow around the Nowra CBD. Its aim is to ensure people feel safe and welcome.

It outlines what behaviour is unacceptable, what the consequences are for antisocial behaviour and what happens if the behaviour continues.

The Nowra Youth Protocol is the result of a nine-month collaboration between community youth groups, businesses, council, police and young people.

The initiative was announced on Tuesday at Stockland Nowra where it has been trialled for the past six months.

Stockland Nowra centre manager Kristy Miglionico said staff at the shopping centre had seen a huge improvement in the behaviour and attitudes of young people and centre staff.  

“It is critical to us to ensure everyone in the community feels safe and welcome, and with a set of guidelines developed by young people for young people and our team, it really does work,” she said.

The working group is now ready to roll out the Nowra Youth Protocol to the remaining businesses in the CBD. 

Gerry Moore from Habitat Personnel, a member of the working group, said the initiative would help local businesses connect with young people.

“It’s my job to try to get as many Aboriginal people into jobs as possible. In order to do that they’ve got to show they are worthy of being given an opportunity and to do that they’ve got to respect local business.”

The youth protocol will be launched during Youth Week on Thursday, April 10 at 11am in Stockland Nowra.

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