Wet weather brings out the snakes

IT has been a busy few days for local snake expert Dusty Jones thanks to the recent wet weather.

He received calls from Berry in the north and down to Wandandian in the south from people wanting snakes to be removed.

The wet weather causes the snakes to come out of their burrows because they are seeking warmth.

Mr Jones said his calls were mostly to remove red belly black snakes but he also had two pythons in his truck on Friday.

A Nowra resident also found a small tiger snake on his property last week.

“Yes we call them small venomous snakes – not baby snakes,” Mr Jones said.

The tiger snake was about 45 centimetres in length and because of the cold weather it was docile and not aggressive.

“We warn people that just because they are docile that does not mean they are not dangerous,” Mr Jones said.

His advice – leave snakes alone and they will leave you alone. Do not poke them with sticks.

He was unhappy with a resident who hit a snake with a shovel this week.

The reptile’s back was broken and it had to be put down.

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