Pathway money ‘better spent elsewhere’

A VINCENTIA resident, who has been sharply criticised for talking out against council’s proposed 500m shared pathway at the rear of homes adjacent to Orion Beach, says he’s not opposed to the project.

Ross Cooper, whose property backs onto the area where the proposed pathway will go, said he did believe council could better spend the money, but was not opposed to the concept of a shared pathway.

“I’m not against the shared pathway, just not a concrete path of destruction,” he said.

“Why couldn’t we have something similar to Hyams Beach or White Sands pathways? They are excellent and extremely popular.

“That kind of walking track is a pleasure to behold and is 100 per cent environmentally sensitive and appropriate.

“The proposed $450,000 federal money would fund the entire track of the type the public want and have money left over for other much needed projects.

“I have no objection at all to a continuation of the pathway I have maintained in the area.”

Mr Cooper, who has lived in the location for 27 years, has maintained at his own expense the common pathway in front of his property that goes over the headland from beach to beach, enabling public access.

“I have even maintained the steps in the area and in all that time council has never maintained anything,” he said.

“I live near Orion Beach, yes. I love Jervis Bay and that part of the area.

“Surely this money, and now we hear the cost may blow out to $2 million, could be better spent providing so many areas that don’t have basic infrastructure like gutters and footpaths,” he said.

“That sort of money could certainly provide a lot of facilities to other areas that are crying out for such things.

“How many places in the city don’t have this basic infrastructure?”

Mr Cooper said council had its priorities all wrong.

“Spending of $1.2 million on such a project is ridiculous and objectionable, especially when this money is so badly needed on other things the public do want,” he said.

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