Week seven lucky for Berryman

IN top position so far this week for Shoalhaven Strikers Juniors is Samual Berryman, who sits on 34 points. 

Kieran Berkovic and Wolfe Sinclair-Thompson are equal second with 27 points. But this could change because Wolfe did not bowl this week, so if he decides to post bowl, he could jump up to equal first or overtake Kieran and be in second spot. Samual played Kieran this week and certainly made up for his ordinary scores last week by bowling three fantastic games of 173, 170 and 169, all three games were well over his average of 130. 

This gave him a clean seven points victory against Kieran, whose games of 125, 153 and 159 were all well above his average of 123.

But this was no match for Samual this week. 

Jayde Morris bowled slightly lower games this week with games of 149, 137 and 135, which gave her the seven points against the vacant team and kept her fourth position on the ladder. 

Morgan Murphy Knight also missed bowling this week and might post bowl before next Friday. 

The highest game of the day was Samual’s 178.

He bowled a turkey and closed almost all frames. 

Then followed Kieran’s game of 159.

He also got a Turkey in his second game and closed all but two frames in his last game.  

There are still vacancies in this league, so to be part of the fun, come along on Friday at 4.15pm.

In the Shoalhaven Junior Piranha League, Jeremy Carrig bowled the highest game for the day with his 134 game.

His other games were 108 and 121. 

His opponent was Alex Ramsey, who managed to win the first game with his handicap score of 191 to Jeremy’s handicap of 186, stopping a seven-point win for Jeremy. 

Alex’s other games were 81 and 84. 

Lachlan Willis bowled against Levi Robinson and showed he is improving by opening with a strike in his second game and bowling a 118 game.

His other games were 92 and 75, giving him 57 pins over his series average.

Levi bowled another turkey in his first game with a score of 120 and the next two games of 93. 

There were no seven-point wins this week so the competition is getting tougher. The ladder this week has Levi still in front with 66 points, followed by Alex on 47, then Jeremy on 32 and Lachlan on 16. 

The junior development group is a coaching clinic for children over seven-years-old and held every Friday at 5pm during school terms. 

The cost is $6 per child for one hour of coaching and bowling fun. 

The group get to learn the skills needed to bowl strikes and not just roll a ball down a lane. 

Coaching is conducted in a fun way where the children learn the skills of tenpin bowling to enable them to progress into one of the competitive and fun junior bowling leagues.

The skills these juniors are learning is showing more and more with their games improving each week, and they are also learning  that attitude and sportsmanship are just as important as consistent scores and averages. 

There was more fancy footwork this week, with the juniors learning the four step approach and co-ordinating the ball swing with the steps.  

Pin fall has started to improve with these new skills.  

Robert Berkovic bowled a game of 90, Shea O’Sullivan bowled 74, Tom Carrig bowled 61 and Arnika Karhapaa bowled 74. 

Good Luck and High Scoring to all of the junior bowlers at Shoalhaven City Lanes.

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