Cricket community comes together in times of need

LAST weekend saw the final round of cricket played for the 2013/2014 season.  With semi-finals this weekend, only four teams from each grade will progress, so there are many players who have now finished cricket.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of those players who made the commitment each week to be a part of their team and club and to enjoy playing up until the final ball was bowled.  

It takes the participation of every cricketer to make a successful season, not just the teams who take the trophy at the end.  

I hope your season was enjoyable and that you come back next season full of enthusiasm and with the same desire and drive to enjoy our sport.

For those teams who will continue on this weekend, I wish everyone the best and urge all to remember that playing within the spirit of cricket is the greatest accolade that you can attain.  

Quoting from a previous column, winning trophies on the back of unsportsmanlike sledging or unfair play is not winning at all and the association line of zero tolerance will continue until the end of the season.  

Our umpires, officials, players and all volunteers deserve respect and I am confident that at this stage of the season, this will be automatically given to them by the teams who would not have a competition to play in without them.

Apart from the final round of cricket, last weekend also saw the best that the cricketing community can offer to those in need and its kindness and compassion.  The previous weekend, many were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Bay and Basin cricketer Heath Tan.  

Still a young man, Heath was taken in the prime of life and this has been such an overwhelming shock to his family, friends and teammates from many sports, not just cricket.  

Very quickly, the Bay and Basin Cricket Club organised a tribute family day that was held last Sunday and many people supported this event, playing in Super 8 matches and enjoying a day of reminiscing and fundraising for local junior sporting groups.  

His family was so very grateful for this and I am sure that this support has aided and will continue to aid them in the process of recovering from this terribly tragic event.  

I congratulate the Bay and Basin Cricket Club on their organisation of this event.  

You are an amazing group of people.  

Heath’s beautiful funeral service was capped off with his father commenting that he had finally made a hundred, referring to the vast number of people who attended to honour a larger than life character.  

In fact, there must have been nearly 500 people there.  

To his family I convey our heartfelt sorrow at your loss and our support to you, including Heath’s nephews who continue to play in our competition.

Last weekend also saw the association’s Pink Stumps Day, which included a 16 over a side match between the GONE team and the Not So Far GONE team.  

I can see that this may become as much of a fixture as the T20 match which followed, with the game being played in great fun and spirit.  

The ambulance arriving after the final ball was bowled was an absolutely classic moment and commentary by Jordy Pearson provided lots of laughs.  

The T20 match between the Northern All-Stars, captained by Jason Bell and the Southern Scorchers led by Chris McCarron was entertaining.  

The day was well supported and the total funds raised looks like being close to $5000, which is very pleasing and of course, goes towards the McGrath Foundation’s mission of providing breast care nurses in communities throughout Australia.

Please support a team or just cricket in general this weekend and get along to a semi-final match.  

The weather forecast looks positive so bring on cricket and enjoy.

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