Outdoor gym offers exercise for free

SENIORS Week activities were in full swing in the Shoalhaven this week, with plenty on offer for those who wanted to learn something new and make contact with people in the community.

Seniors from the area gathered at the outdoor gym, located on Paradise Beach Reserve, Sanctuary Point on Wednesday and were guided through an information seminar by Illawarra Shoalhaven Health District and Illawarra Medicare Local.

The seminar was led by exercise physiologist Alycia Hull and fitness instructor Maggie Simpson from Bay and Basin Leisure Centre. 

They offered helpful suggestions and specific instructions on how to make use of the equipment safely and effectively.

The outdoor gym is the newest in the Shoalhaven.

Four have been built as a result of the combined efforts of Bendigo Bank, Shoalhaven City Council and Sanctuary Point Pride Committee.

The outdoor gym has a wide variety of equipment for people to use, including stepping stones, parallel bars, a zig zag balance beam, chest press, elliptical trainer, aerobic cycle and a stretch station.

Kay Cope from Illawarra Shoalhaven Health District said the outdoor gym was a fantastic way for seniors to get active and learning how to use the equipment was a great advantage.

“Seniors who may be timid, have sustained an injury or suffer from arthritis will benefit from this type of exercise,” she said.

“It’s free, accessible and suitable for all age groups and people of all fitness levels.

“Typically, once the person gets the right advice on how to use the equipment then they can grow in confidence.”

Paul Mulhern from Sanctuary Point attended the seminar and felt that facilities like these encouraged people to get out and about early in the morning and make the most of the beautiful natural surrounds that Sanctuary Point had to offer.

“The gym is outdoor and free,” he said.

“I have always been an active person, having played soccer, Gaelic football and golf throughout my life, but I definitely prefer a facility like this to an indoor gym.

“Facilities like this encourage more people to use the park and create activity in the area which gives the park more security.”

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