Dead glider found

AN endangered greater glider has been found dead at the location where the Bum Tree once stood.

Two greater gliders and two sugar gliders were rescued from nesting hollows in the tree during its removal.

Gerroa Environmental Protection Society president Warren Holder made the discovery just metres south of the Bum Tree location, in bushland adjacent to Beach Road.

“We can’t attribute its death directly to the work, but I’m sure it has played a role.”

The animal was missing a significant amount of its tail.

“The possums are known to return to their habitat,” he said.

“It makes sense that it’s most likely one of the possums that were relocated from the Bum Tree into another section of the national park on the opposite side of the road south of Beach Road.

“From where they were relocated it is a direct line back to the Bum Tree site.”

Shoalhaven director of Assets and Works Ben Stewart said he was confident no animals were harmed during the tree removal thanks to mitigation measures to ensure the care of animals throughout the process.

Mr Stewart said that he found it very unlikely that an injured animal would not have been witnessed by South Coast Wildlife Rescue Service licenced wildlife handlers, contractors and staff or the protesters who were all on site.

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