Protest poem highlights ancient roots

 Trish Levett of Gerringong has spent most days over the past few weeks at the protest site set up by the Gerroa Environmental Protection Society (GEPS) adjacent to the Seven Mile Beach Picnic area.

“The Bum Tree is so special,” she said.

“To me it is like the elders of the trees.

“It is the oldest tree here and to me it spiritually speaks to the other trees.

“It plays a huge role in the whole area.

“If removed, you might as well chop off my right leg or arm, it is part of the land and who we are.

“I just felt strongly about the tree and its location and penned a few words as a tribute.”

Originally from the Southern Highlands, she came across the news of the tree and other habitat removal on the GEPS website.

“We have had a number of Aboriginal people stop and drop into the protest site in the past few weeks,” she said.

“A number of them have had concerns over a possible sacred site inland a bit from the tree.

“I don’t know if it is a sacred site, we have heard stories that there is one close by to the Bum Tree but we can’t seem to get that confirmed.

“It will be a sad day, a horrible day, when it finally comes down, there will be a few tears I think.”

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